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Patience, Still is OK!

Erm, Surely not, a Train Video…

Trying again!


Experiment 1

I’m trying to learn how to put videos directly on here and not through youtube. Not yet working, arrggghhhh.


What it must be like, not to have a depressive cell in ‘your’ body.

Ch ch changes…

Not that many really. I use to post some really good stuff, then got drawn into politics, then almost stopped posting. Past few months I haven’t posted much but hope I have kept away from politics, this is not my place for it.

I’m hoping to get back to what use to give my site thousands of hits, no advertising, that in itself is a weird story from Google and my song named ‘Sarcoid’ which I hope to start posting more about as the site is about ‘Living with Sarcoidosis’ The Good, The Bad and Lots in-between.

So let’s see if I can? I don’t mind talking politics but not with friends or on here. Wednesday night I were having a great musical chat with a chap I know then he turned it into politics, I asked him to stop a few times but no, he carried on so I moved.


This isn’t a good one

Hello darkness my old friend.

I hate this shit.

Waiting for someone or something to show me the way.

Utter fucking bollocks.

I made it

Well, today is 28th July 2020, yesterday I reached 56, phew, I now lets see.

Did I mention

Tomorrow is 27th July 2020 and I really am due to be 56 years old. I hate my birthday, festive season, Easter and all that shit, I can’t help it. No matter what happens it can not change events, memories, dreams, thoughts and actions. I am trying hard to help myself but…

Not Another

27th July 2020 I should, will be 56. 55 was a bad one, they get worse each year. What’s it all about? My problems started when I were conceived. So many of my generation and especially men, have mental health problems.

It’s been said that our parents went through the second world war, their parents went through the first world war, this can have a knock on affect. This is not blaming them but hoping the generation younger might have a better chance – I so hope so.

Always being happy, smiling and laughing is a form of fascism, as mentioned by one of the below, have a guess…