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I did Serve…

Well, so much shit going on regarding Brexit. It’s like, why are folks so scared, you know, the remoaners of the remainer drabs, it’s proper odd. Why are you lot scared of leaving the European Union? So, it’s like, us who voted leave the EU are very nice and polite. If the referendum went to remain in the EU then fine, the battle would carry on but fucking hell, the stay in the EU lots are nasty, a very personal lot, shhh…

Hello, is it me you’re…


Not Their Real Name.

It’s quite surprising that the MSM are constantly reminding folks that Tommy Robinson isn’t his real name, it comes as a shock every time. So I just thought I would find out some others that they might want to remind us of when reporting on them…

Freddie Mercury.
Bob Dylan.
Helen Mirren.
Katy Perry.
David Bowie.
Jamie Foxx.
Elton John.
Sophia Loren.
Michael Caine.
Meg Ryan.
Bruno Mars.
Jane Seymour.
Lady Gaga.
Prince Harry.
Demi Moore.
Whoopi Goldberg.
Alicia Keys.
Charlie Sheene.
Tina Turner.

The absolutely perfect…

Marilyn Monroe.

Oh, just about any porn star, erm.

That’s not my name, brilliant song by The Ting Tings…


Bit of an answer to knife crime.

Bring in full stop & search. A proper minimal 10 year sentence for carrying any dangerous weapon. A proper life sentence of 25 years for any usage of a dangerous weapon.

Suspend immigration & balance the population at about 65 million for the & allow public services to catch up. I think that should be quite simple. Ah, too simple.

Oh socialism eh, I’m no longer a member of them.

The UK Labour party, that Tom Watson twat & Corbyn & McDonnell, then they have maths Abbott, that historian Lammy and the hedgehog names go on. We know Facebook & Twitter & YouTube… We know they are controlled by some hardcore fascist far left nut jobs.

‘Socialist’ I define from the word ‘social; meaning in the main ‘social equity’. A Socialist is one who serves the common good without giving up his individuality or personality or the product of his personal efficiency.

Work it out.

It’s also obvious why ‘May called the general election of 2017, she knew it’s all going to be a remain fuck up for brexit (a leave leader was required), so, three years after ‘we’ leave she hopes everyone has calmed down for the next election…

Cunt, not a chance…



Kelly Day – How they rule ya.

Until the 23rd February 2019 I had never heard of this lady and what a superb passionate voice I heard…

The Hits Drop…

Not so long ago, hits to my site were approaching 15k per month. Now, it’s down to about 500 and dropping. The main point in time when this reduction started was when I started posting more about politics and my view to everything.

I know what is going on. My opinions and views do not fit the narrative of the tech giants, especially those of the extreme elitism of the fascist far left. This is happening all over in the western world, it really does feel quite odd.

Anyways, I will carry on (since my site started it has ‘disappeared’ twice!} and I expect it to do so again, due to my opinions on what the fuck is going on? Perhaps it is because I quote the likes of Tommy Robinson, I mean jeez, the BBC needs bringing down, as do the other fake news of the MSM…

Keep it up.



BBC License Fee

Ah, folks are leaving the British Broadcasting Cooperation by the millions, same here. Oh but now, they are asking the over 75 year old pensioners to pay and not get the license free, OK if rich and posh but not OK for the poor. Obviously the United Kingdom has an ageing population, the BBC know this so therefore this is a way for them to recoup much of that lost revenue.

Let us think about this. Including the BBC certain MSM are reporting that older folks who voted to leave the European Union are passing away pretty quickly, therefore saying a peoples vote should happen – it wont, yet the BBC are hoping the older generation will have to start paying that stupid fee, hence relying on a few million of them to counter the mass leavers, from the BBC!

I hate the British Broadcasting Cooperation and find it all so hypocritical.

Abandon the license fee, just stop paying and fuck them.


Veganuary, yes it’s over!

You know, I really don’t mind folks going through diet fads and stuff but, the likes of the extreme veganisms can drive me nuts. It’s like, do as we do or you are a twat, hmmm…

So I shall keep this within a short reasoning.

I know someone who did over 10 years trying her best to live the vegan. She started cycling and really struggled with her recovery energy levels. Tried the medics and what not, without any answers to help, so (skipping the vegetarianism) she want back onto the chicken, within a short period of time and within what could be called reason – most meats, she started to feel much better and the main thing – she started to look much healthier.

Then someone else I know went to the extreme and sure enough the weight dropped off but, though she harps on to everyone how healthy she is now eating, unfortunately she doesn’t look as healthy as before, terrible shame but hey.

Where was I? Because veganism is getting ever more popular scientists can now get data stating how a long term vegan diet is starting to damage their health, it is here. Have a read as I’m not going to retype it all.

Saving the planet the vegans say, so look, methane is about 10% of the village named earths pollution and that’s here. A vegan lifestyle predominately means they shouldn’t use anything produced by animals. Right, so it comes to clothing and items, ‘mostly’ manufactured synthetically, take another look at the above pollution chart.

Rant over.

Obviously I’m going to say this is only my opinion but facts say otherwise.

Twitter Prison

Twitter limited my account for this –

“fuck off #DavidLammy I’m sick of your #hypocrisy within my old party @UKlabour”

I’m now out of their prison. Oh how the elitist left media fuckwits are restricting opinions yet the extreme leftism’s can pretty much say what they want!

This is why I posted the above mentioned tweet, the following is from Lammy –

“Rod Liddle having a column in one of Britain’s foremost weekly newspapers is a national disgrace, as well as the walking, living, breathing personification and definition of white middle class privilege” here is the Liddle article

Yet in 2012 –

“David Lammy MP says absent fathers ‘key cause of knife crime'” here

What a total hypocritical twat David Lammy is.

I no longer like…

UK Labour Party
Richard Branson
Posh Hippies
Sky News
Middle Class Leftism
Bob Geldof
JK Rowling
Happy Clappers
Gary Lineker
Tony Blair
Extreme Veganists
Owen Jones

Oh and…

Fathers day
Mothers day
Valentines day
My birthday
The festive season days

More to add I’m sure.