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Job Vacancy

27th July 2020 I should reach 56. A few days ago I hurt my right arm again, I think it’s that repetition stress injury or RSI thing.

Anyway, it’s only about one hour per week as it seems I have caused this damage over the previous 10 years or almost 11 actually.

I am not left handed so therefore now struggle. It’s a female only position and you must have small hands.

Please apply without CV to this…

Another Birthday

27th July 2020 I might amazingly reach 56. A life of mad thoughts and dreams and more thoughts. What for? Two wonderful reasons and nothing more.

Fuck intimate and sexual relationships they don’t exist.

Single male, down to 15 teeth, daily gets depressed as fuck, have Sarcoidosis yet seem to prefer that than the mental health shit, can’t be arsed with sex.

Into model trains, music, writing, trying to cycle again, house plants – sort of and traveling, to and from Addingham and Ilkley.

Would love to meet a woman interested in…

I so Love this Capture.

In planet earth time this is not long ago at all, the innocence is outstanding. Think about it.

Being Quiet, a hermit, reclusive, dormant? Whatever.

I do hope some folks will communicate on here, I’m not really sure how to do it but, I’m fucked off with social media, okay I post videos on YouTube, what more can I do… Catch you soon.

Happy New Year, erm, 2020

Well, I mentioned about taking some time away from here but fuck, what a year it’s turning out to be.

Unsure what I should really harp on about, so I’ll be right back whenever soon.

Just realising.

My site use get many hits, thousands. Then about four years ago I started drifting into politics, hits have dropped hugely, it isn’t monetised.

I use to write so much about my life with Sarcoidosis and the mental health issues, plus other stuff, trying to keep some fun in there and be helpful for others.

Certainly will now keep politics to a minimum, perhaps because I didn’t vote and will never again vote.

Time for change – again!

Corbyn is a twat though…

General Election 2019

Ok, my take on this GE2019, probably the most important election of my life (I’m 55).

I am a Labour voter, though this time I can not vote for them, keeping my reasons within a short writing. Jeremy Corbyn and that shadow front bench (and the rear lot) are dangerous (Kate Hoey is fantastic btw), it’s quite obvious they are targeting the young vote with promises that ‘can’ be kept but, nothing is free, do not be fooled by Labour. Corbyn and team just want the power of number 10, they will decimate the economy.

Voting leave in 2016 I thought democracy would prevail, it simply proved all those traitorous MP’s that are in it for themselves and not democracy. Peoples vote – we had it in 2016 which resulted in Brexit, I hoped for a clean break yet it also showed the parasites of the European Union.

Yes, the left, Labour are no longer for the working classes, they are infiltrated by the middle upper class elitisms. Voters like myself are being left politically homeless. My local MP John Grogan of Labour won by a small majority in 2017, the constituency voted leave, he is a remainer.

The Conservative party under Boris Johnson are starting to appeal to us that feel abandoned by Labour, however, I have never and just can not vote for Tories, Now The Brexit party is also here but, the following picture explains it well, hence I can also not vote for them…


So you see, I am not voting. Something that fits the current leftisms is below and as those youngsters being bought by Labour grow older, they will realise the dangers of this current (2019) Labour party, a disaster.


Twitter shadow banned & more…

I think it’s known that twitter and other ‘medias’ are erm, successful in shutting down anything to the right of their extreme left. This is a shot from tonight, they suspended me for saying paedophiles should be hung. What are they defending?

I’m no longer on the left so that must mean I’m a racist fascist nazi scum twat. Isn’t it odd, those whomever name us as such, have lost the debate…

A 12 hour suspension?! Twitter seem to now defend paedophiles.




Climate Change?

With all this extinction rebellion stuff, here’s my version of what to do. Yes the ocean plastics are a huge problem and a young lad – Boyan Slat, aged 16 started the ocean cleanup, doing, not talking absolute project fear crap like another 16 year old – Greta Thunberg. My fix:

  • plants love co2, plant millions of trees and grow millions of outdoor and indoor fresh air plants.
  • cut down on the massive human population explosive rise, it is not sustainable.

In a nutshell that’s it!

Do not forget, 1970’s global freezing, 1980’s acid rain. 1990’s CFC’s, 2000’s global warming and now climate change – as it always has done.

Those who remember Mount ST Helens, it blew up, for a time after I remember the orange sunsets, eventually they stopped. It must be told, that explosion put 1000 years co2 into the atmosphere of just one current year’ s worth.

Yep, it’s a modern hoax by the elite to force more tax and spending, utter bollocks. Most scientists who claim climate change is real are usually funded by the governments and MSM etc. Those scientist who claim it is not real are usually not employed by governments and MSM.

Do your own research as I have and fuck the project fear nut jobs…



Don’t forget the champagne socialist communist lot…

The hardcore elitist fascist lots of the remain left drive me nuts, yes I have experienced this shite unfortunately. They really do not understand the true meanings behind any of it, it’s bizarre.

Arrggghhhh indeed…