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The best profile for a dating agency

We, well, some of us have viewed the many advertisements that appear in dating agencies, like the lonely hearts and two’s company pages. Most ask for ‘Own House And Car’ which obviously is somewhat materialistic, ok for some but not the many? Today I wrote ‘Young looking dude, doesn’t own a car or home, skint, unhealthy, not desperate, would like to meet woman for marriage’ proper funny, only that I sent it to some work colleagues on the works internet, and then it went around the whole company ha. Mind you, some do not like it, but its only a little bit of fun, oh well…

… It reminds me from when I was in manufacturing management over in Burnley, we were owned by the French Snecma group. One of the managers loved to sing, abit on the Bing Crosby? style, I called Peter in his office and asked if he would give me a song, obviously he obliged. When he started singing I held my phone over the factory P.A. system, ha, what a laugh, he was singing to the whole factory! Mind you, I would say our team worked quite well, it could have got even better but, real life crashed in on me.

The heating might need to go on

Arrggghhhh! decision time, my living room heaters might need to go on? only for the weekend, then during the week I could get home from work and jump into bed, another good way to help keep the heating bills down, erm…

This must not be tried at home

We have a bed of nails, a very pale person, an amp! a smashing block, and a woman with an axe. I’m actually unsure which scares me most, the bed of nails or woman with an axe? Just look how he is staring, erm, looking, hmmm, watching her…
An axe
Thing is, that amp just blows me away, I mean, is it really there or actually part of the show?!

Today I finally joined The Utility Warehouse family

August 2012 I needed to try reduced my bills, a friend from Ilkley cycling club introduced me to Utility Warehouse, I took out electricity, broadband, land line and mobile phone, these four give a gold status, this reduced my bills by around £25/month, and so this August 2013 I took up the half price offer of £50 to join them and spread my word that The Utility Warehouse really does work.

The Utility Warehouse is simply the best

In August 2012 I decided to try and get bills lowered. Unsure of what was the best direction, a cycling friend advised me to use the Utility Warehouse. Because I had never heard of them I was certainly reluctant to change. Andy came to see me, advised me really well, I was still a little reluctant, unlike most types of distributors and sales folks he certainly weren’t pushy.

I decided to go for it! What a saving over 12 months, and so I have also decided to join them, why should I have waited 12 months! as mentioned Andy is not pushy. This August it is only £50 to join the Utility Warehouse, looking to lower your bills yet make some extra cash then sign up through the links, Andy is not forceful or pushy (have I already mentioned that!), push on and join the Utility Warehouse. Simply the best, better than all the rest!

Supposed to insert after each movement

Well, the banding of my ‘piles’ failed, and so they decided to give me these, the doctors said that they should be used after each movement, and so, I moved to the bathroom, then moved to the bedroom and then to the kitchen, hmmm, feeling a bit on the full side with these Uniroid-HC suppositories…


Sinkhole facts in the UK

While so many folks are harping on about ‘fracking’ then they should remember how many earth tremors are caused by subterranean (or whatever) mining, and hmmm, more later I guess, but some very new news is here about sink holes in Yorkshire, follow this link to find some unusual photos of the phenomena.

Adsense will implode

Or maybe it wont? Early 2012 I uploaded to YouTube a video – Sarcoid, this is a song about my condition – Sarcoidosis. It took two weeks to prove the song is in-fact mine and I own all the rights to it, unsure why they did not believe me, it was a chap ‘David’ I communicated with from Google UK.

During that time I decided to upload quite a few videos on allsorts of articles; advice, how to, poems, music, reviews etc. Then, at the end of April, and after five years or so with them, AdSense banned me, I gather quite a few viewers of this post have had the similar email ‘Invalid Activity’ report, huh?

Upon my uploading of videos I kept in contact with this David, he assured me I was OK and nothing was wrong, I had allowed adverts on all videos that were allowed without copyright infringement. Yet AdSense came back stating I had violated their terms and conditions, jeez, I was gutted, I felt like a fraudulent criminal, yes, not a real one at all!

After appealing, and letting them know I had created an introduction video to my channel with the idea of not to advertise on the intro, I hoped they would see that my song Sarcoid is indeed all mine, and I only put adverts onto original videos that I created, nope, appeal turned down.

You might wonder why I left it all this time? I finally decided to try some other channels, a little different with Chitika.com and B4PSAds.com and will see?

The Best Relaxing Bubble Wrap Therapy

Having problems in life? then simply follow these simple instructions…

Think I deserve a ‘Dafta’ or ‘Asscar’ for this performance, very realistic indeed!

How to make ice easy for whisky

A good friend got me some nice whisky for the festive (thanks Elvis!), yet I did not have an ice maker and nor was I going to pay for a bag of ice, mind you, it would have thawed out by the time I got it home, and I do not have enough room in the freezer!

And so you can view the Glenmorangie Whisky, sniff up, hmmm… oh yes, I decided to get one of those silicone ice cube trays as they are easy to push the ice out, but…

When you fill them up they bend all over, in fact they just bend regardless, and so after much thought I got the bulb and as can be seen, I found another use for my frozen home made meals…

Yes what a great idea, place the silicone ice cube tray onto that frozen meal and place into the freezer, top idea eh! Look at all those meals too.