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What is an extreme political party person?

This type of fascist person is someone who appears to have very open views? They will try to start by brainwashing folks – mainly the insecure ones. They will try to convince them that their views they hand out are open minded telling you to slate anyone who thinks differently to your opinion.

Usually they are the first to use discrimination as a form of defence. This old fashioned out of date left middle right ‘wing’ type of person will not only aim at the insecure but those who might find themselves in some sort of minority or maybe craving attention. These 21st century fascists are so arrogant they will try to convince you it is others that are wrong because others do not agree with their ideology. Their pretence is well camouflaged and will make you think they are caring, yes they are, but only for themselves…

Maybe now, the time is arriving when the people should be understanding that these selfish single minded fuckers need to fuck right off.

Fascism is everywhere.
Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

June the 8th

After the vermin terror attack in Manchester the political parties are going to continue voting campaigns – they have to do. I would like to have seen more condemnation from the hard left liberal lot but hey…

So, just to say that I will be voting Labour as I do. I do not like many of the current shadow leadership, I’m not a hard left liberal type, I’m a Labour supporter with many opinions on ‘our’ party. It is such a shame that not only is the Labour party divided more than ever but also the Labour party’s members and supporters, I’ve had friends fall out with me simply because I disagree with their Labour ideologies, many of those folks have not condemned the terrible attack on Monday night, OK as that is their choice, as are my opinions.

Politics are changing and most certainly many of the Labour party members and supporters need to understand this – if you want it all your own way without accepting others opinions, then you seriously are going down the fascist route – as is terrorism.

Who, what are the working class in the UK

A tricky one? The goal-posts always get moved by those in and out of power. I’m going to be quite conservative about this and say those on around or under £10/hour fall into the working classes. Through my opinion I will try explain this.

Various reports suggest the United Kingdoms average wage in 2017 is in the region of £27k/year, that is huge and certainly not working class. I believe you can not put a working class wage into yearly, as most of those on low income will work as much overtime as possible. So lets say a round figure of the £10/hr.

Many self employed folks who employ others would ask who should pay this rate, yet those business owners would have five or six ‘flashy’ holidays a year, they would have three or four ‘posh’ meals a week, so, lets leave it at that. No, lets say they have one less brilliant expensive holiday per year, one less ‘everything you can eat’ meal out a week, also the obvious other things that being wealthy brings? and share it with the small work force.

The working class certainly are not those who moan and complain they are struggling yet can have some of the finest materialistic personal and home items, pointless trying to mention everything but they have all the top technology items, more than one Suburban Utility Vehicle, far larger home than they need, having more than one – any type of home! So much more that I’m sure most of you will recognise someone like this yourselves.

Who, what are the working class of the UK. yes it certainly is a tricky one but I would say no political party truly represents those working class folks. June the 8th 2017 has caused alot of conflict between friends, the conflict is usually within my party, the Labour party I support, but it has lost its way. Those who work in the public sector on lets say at least the given average wage of £27k/year, you most certainly are not working class, this also goes for the private sector but it seems to be the public sector lot on very nice packages that complain the most.

Just a little example, those junior doctors strikes, they always seemed to be smiling while doing the strikes…
Doc strike

While many miners were…


Welsh Office, Cardiff - 30 July 1984. Women and children demonstrating against £15 being deducted  from striking miners’ benefit in lieu of strike pay (which was not being paid).

Welsh Office, Cardiff – 30 July 1984.
Women and children demonstrating against £15 being deducted from striking miners’ benefit in lieu of strike pay
(which was not being paid).

No one represents the working classes anymore. We have the pretend poor living in the poverty of their own comfortable bubble.


A best tune I have ever witnessed, just superb…

When it’s this good, nothing else matters…

And so the United Kingdom voted out…

I did say I would try to go about a week without doing politics. In that week it’s been amazing for the UK. We’ve had campaigners in the remain camp just being abusive to the leavers, look, a democratic vote happened, the vote was leave, and behold a few remain took to the streets and social media not accepting democracy = fascist.

The scare tactic to those ‘naive’ remain campers has not materialised. The markets are back, soon the pound will be, the countries that threatened brexit would be a problem are, and have been proved wrong! This is where it can get confusing. Most folks think fascism is from those hard core right wing lots, but, and has now been proved, a daft few of remain took to the streets and any media, to try get their way – that my friends, is fascism.

So much was mentioned about Nigel Farage in front of that dammed poster, yet not alot was mentioned about the dreadfully racist poster; skinhead v old Asian lady on a see-saw, just terrible…


Which Poster is Racist?

Much is being mentioned about the recent photo of ‘Farage’ in front of a poster. So, very little was mentioned about the poster from that group called ‘OBV’ who posted a poster of a skinhead abusing an old Asian lady. Now, in my simple mind, the most abusive racist poster is most certainly the see-saw one, hands down its dreadful. Why wasn’t this given the huge media shit that the leave campaign get? Oh, erm…

Your choice folks.


Racist 2

Now Let Me Just Say This

Regarding the EU referendum. I have wanted to leave the European Union for a very long time, certainly since I served in the Royal Air Force in the 1980’s, and definitely since 2004. What the leave and remain campaigners say means nothing to me, I was always going to vote out as soon as the opportunity arrived.

All the doom and gloom if ‘we’ remain or leave does my fucking head in. Because I want to leave does not mean I am a racist, bigot, xenophobe etc.

I want the UK to take control of itself.

Stuart Briggs from Yorkshire, England of the United Kingdom.

So much going on in the UK, erm, World.

What is most important news at the moment in the UK? Everything it seems. In no particular order, but why oh why do the wealthy – very wealthy, do everything possible to avoid paying tax? They have so much wealth that paying due tax just wouldn’t cause a hole in their fortunes. Get the tax off them and bail out the steel industry, I mean, the banks got bailed out for £billions, bailing out the steel would be nowhere near as expensive as the dammed banks.

Mind you, Jeremy Corbyn has mentioned that the trident submarines can be used without the missiles, huh? Come on Jeremy, lets abandon trident altogether. build a third aircraft carrier, support ships etc. and have two permanent carrier groups, this is the way the world is going, one nuke launched could mean the end of the world. So, three carrier groups, two permanent, fully equipped with £billions to spare, to help the steel, NHS, poverty in the UK…

IDS resigning, what can be said? Good riddance, but now its waiting time with baited breath how sideways the Crabb will move.

Europe, I will vote out, always been in so time for a change.

Stuart Briggs in the Royal Air Force…

Charity starts at home…

I’m very proud to have served in the armed forces. Too many ‘do gooders’ you know the type, we all know of the ‘posh hippies’ that state the world is a wonderful balanced environment. Lets not forget, when I got ill at 45 years of age, ultimately it was left to the forces charities of the Royal British Legion, and Ssafa that helped me resettle, as at the time the government abandoned me, mind you, sarcoidosis played a huge part, fortunately, in an unfortunate way.

Briggs is in here! - Copy

Me, I’m a nice geezer…

Me own

To debate, acknowledge, or not to, that is the question?

I posted this to a Facebook friend, he tirelessly raises superb debates…

“I admire many of your recent post’s ****, you are saying what a massive % of folks are thinking. It was asked on here (your page) If I was a supporter of a chap called Don Trump, after absolute minimal research, Don Trump is simply a version of Nigel Farage, and is saying what many dare not say. You ****, like me, do say as we feel, right, wrong, loads of in-betweens, but we can debate, we can acknowledge others views, where as a very few who answer you can’t = facists. Your a brave man and I admire you.”

Oh, facists as they only have their own views, and no way will they acknowledge others.

Anyone find a problem with this photo?
All the men have a brolly, and the women huddle like penguins…