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Happy 21st birthday son

Well, one thing is for sure and that is; time never stops, feels like it gets faster, and faster, and faster…

Today, 18 already

Jeez son, since when did that arrive?! So so too quickly, love you tons…


A single Christmas

Christmas can be difficult for people who aren’t lucky enough to have a harmonious, traditional family set-up. Recognising that lots of people are alone at Christmas and looking out for them is the most charitable thing you can do at this time of year. Which answers a lot of my thoughts and festive problems. I haven’t had a tree, or celebrated Christmas for a very long time…

Plant tree

Happy 20th birthday son…

How time does fly, you flew through your teens. You are ace.
20 today

A doctors report

Right, this report is almost as good as it gets. I have taken addresses out, but if this gets refused I may as well all but give up, it is bonkers that my struggle continues.

Doc report 1

Doc report 2

Doc report 3


And surely this letter should also be considered?
Steroids failed


Do we think the following clown would actually care? I think not…

Is it Forest Osborne or George Gump? For sure this one is a Cunt.


Either way you are all doing it wrong, just as that fella did at the start of his victory campaign.
Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

Stuart Briggs achieve’s 50

Well well. Yes it happened, 50 year old on the 27th of July. Yesterday if I had have wrote something it might have been a little different? So I decided to leave it to today…

Two cards, that’s 50% more than I expected!

Thought I would never reach the big five ohhh…

The Rook in competion

Just a little article about Tuesday 8th April 2014.

The Rook 1

Venue is Bradford’s St Georges Hall.

The Rook 2

Event is the AMP Awards competition for the district.

The Rook performed three songs, absolutely brilliant and this is the order of playing;

And the winners were…

The Rook!

The Rook winners

Which means they are at the grand final in the August bank holiday weekend of Galtres Parklands Festival, Duncombe Park, Helmsley.

AMP grand final
This will be a fantastic weekend. Keep your eyes and ears well opened for one of the best bands to be arriving out of Yorkshire since, hmmm, in my opinion, well before the Artic Monkeys!

Matthew Briggs, happy 17th son

How time goes so quickly, and how not enough time. Hope you have a brilliant birthday son. One day I should hope to treat you and Jacob in some kind of ‘proper’ fashion. Love you both tons.

A – Day

No not an anal day, mind you, erm, right. Today I started on the Azathiprione, haven’t a clue why these meds get given such bonkers titles!? They have started me on 50mg/day while still taking the 20mg/day of Prednisolone. I have to have my bloods checked weekly to keep an eye on the white cell count and bone marrow and something or another?

Aza 1
This is the first time I have ever seen any meds advice papers actually say it is used to treat Sarcoidosis amongst other lung diseases, really impressed with that.

Aza 2
Here we can view that the moderation in alcohol consumption needs to be adhered to? I have also been advised that the fatigue can be somewhat crippling while they find a ‘status quo’ with the meds.

Those Brufen – Retard meds seem to work

Tell you what, after starting the new meds on Friday evening, I felt ill Saturday and Sunday, thankfully this morning I was in a state to be able to commute to work, actually felt ok, mid morning I felt I could have run a marathon – erm, anyway, they worked well until about 15:46 and by 16:44 I started to feel like early signs of the flu – influenza.

So, come 17:30 I was ready for the off, took five minutes longer to walk to the station and thought I was going to pass out on the train, thankfully I got a seat, had to nip in the Coop for some bananas, Oxo cube and butter – no booze! Got to the bus stop in time, wobbled home, put fish into boiling water, then add sprouts and spinach, had that, then the meds and one hour later I am typing this and starting to feel o.k. Its just a little bit of a run down as to how the meds seem to work, hoping I do not need to double dose next week.

Today I also started some other stuff at work, well pleased, hope I can get to the end of the year without anymore time off and keep my paranoia under control!!! Its still a big thanks to Leeds Remploy and work, its simply my change in health and life over the past three years that is so frustrating. Apologies to those I insult.