Them Three

Quite odd really, they always seem to be chatting, mainly just working through that clutter of grey matter, like most? do…

“Morning Stu, ‘morning, how you feeling?’ still shattered but ok, again those dammed legs went on a frustrating walkabout to nowhere”

“Really! Mine also do, its hard work, but once when my elbows get going its fine…”

“Jeez, we’ve slept in, again, we should be up and on with it”

“On with what?”


That being said they get up, scratch skin parts and head to the kitchen via the gents toilet.

“Black coffee one sugar please, ‘ok no problem, some toast?’ no I’m fine thanks, had loads to eat last night.”

“Same here”

They could tell about last nights food by the state of the kitchen, what a mess, mind you, for how long has it always been like that? They really don’t care.

“Which cup? ‘that one doesn’t look too bad, give it a swill it’ll be fine’ ok”

“Swill! really, get that washing up done.”

“Your turn fella.”

While waiting for the kettle to boil the nine tablets are taken with fresh orange and its bits.

“Eh you two, less chatting, I’m ready for that coffee”

“Day dreaming already? ‘Yeah’ of what Stu?”

The owners couldn’t see me yet the workers could, what a strange feeling as they marched on by. As I watched from a weak fence it started to sway. Loosing my balance some prisoners came to support me, but I whispered ‘NO’ to them. Guards looked on as the fence slightly swayed. I out stretched my arms giving some balance, as again I stayed on the fence.

Hmmm, hobbling to the settee they place the coffee on the rug.

“What was that all about?”

“Well, the worlds owners don’t see me but the workers, or best call them prisoners, they can. It’s like, I feel in-between, a lack of respect, or rather just invisible to some, hard to explain but from behind my mask it’s a huge challenge”

“What is?”


At that point the coffee has cooled and starts to be consumed, it is gone in no time.

“Anyone want another?”


“Same here.”

The sound of distant church bells in conjunction with the river is quite calming.

“What’s today then guys? ‘I’ve not thought about it’ then get thinking”

“I have, looks like rain so a walk onto the Co-op eh?”

“Good idea.”

Quite a long pause seems to happen, yet it’s only a few seconds silence for them.

“I’ve been thinking, ‘again?’ yes”

“What of Stuart”

It took six steps to get there, but once at the top my legs started to shake. With tingling hands I removed my sunglasses but struggled with my coat zip. Disappointingly I turned around and climbed back down the steps. Trembling more I put my sunglasses back on and headed back home. Why I tried I will never know, but when I can I do and when I can’t I try. Until next time, next week, the mountain is only six steps.

“Fuck me there you go again”


“The day has hardly started and the negatives are kicking in, ‘No, it’s positive as I will try again‘”

“You two what you like!”

At this point a little excited laughter comes in as the rain starts to pour. That relaxing tapping on the window is second to nothing.

“Shame it isn’t thunder and lightening”

“Why do folks always say thunder and lightening, when in fact it is lightening then thunder follows, count the in-between seconds for distance”

“No no, that counting, though folks say do say so, but the speed of sound is not one mile per second, in miles per hour its seven hundred and erm…”

Looking bemused.

“Guys I’ve been thinking ‘not again’ I know but listen, I’ve been patient listening to your stuff, but here is some of mine”

You can hear it, but you can’t see it, trees bend when the wind blows.
You talk to yourself into the wind, you talk to yourself and no one knows.
Your heart races when you reach the top, just to be near the sky.
Feeling free from all that trouble, feeling happy yet wonder why, you cry?
Looking so good in the distance, yet as it gets closer it gets scary.
On your own as bright lights, make clouds look like there tearing.
Wishing it all would soon pass, this time its like an eternity.
Your heart races when you reach the bottom, needing that hug like electricity.

“Erm, and that is about what?”

All three seem to stop, life pausing for another few moments.

“Well, it says it all about being alone, talking to yourself, we all know what that’s about? eh”

“Here you go again, deep thoughts on the want to have a companion, sod the relationship business ‘I know but then again would she be patient enough’ no”

So, yet again those three come together, do they carry on for another day?

“All in favour for today? me yes, myself yes, and I yes”

Best think about last months washing up, as the allergy to women continues…