Can sarcoidosis cause dental problems sensitive teeth

Can sarcoidosis cause dental problems
Can sarcoidosis cause sensitive teeth 

In 2000 my dentist once asked if I was diabetic due to the metallic smell from my mouth, he then referred me to the Leeds dental hospital as he could not work out what was wrong with my gums? Upon being assessed at the hospital the Dr mentioned it was as though my gums over reacted to any potential problems, so I was treated with gum flushing and new crowns.

It is now quite obvious that 10 years before I started being ill the dental problems could well have been signs of sarcoid, now it is a common occurrence for me to have a strong metallic taste. To care for teeth and gums I have prescription toothpaste and mouth rinse. If you end up having to take the likes of Prednisolone then this itself can cause bone problems, eventually causing very sensitive teeth, counter medications are usually prescribed for this.

Certainly if you are having a metallic taste starting to build then seek medical attention as it could well be an early sign of sarcoidosis.

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