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Stuart Briggs’s V – BLIP Manifesto

Right, the idea of V – BLIP started a few years ago and now it’s very real. With all the current parties in a definitive Dire Straights and so out of date with the old fashioned left, right and center shite, its about time a ‘proper’ manifesto was put together taking on board no shit.

Fucked off with the current state of the career politician types? Keep checking here for updates on the peoples party or click on Winston’s head. Stuart Briggs’s V – BLIP.

With the ever growing manifesto, together we can fuck the current twats right off…

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

Headingley time

Had a few good hours with Matt and Jacob. Reds BBQ restaurant and then onto the pub, Check the pubs light shades, superb!

Headingley 1

Headingley 2

And so the United Kingdom voted out…

I did say I would try to go about a week without doing politics. In that week it’s been amazing for the UK. We’ve had campaigners in the remain camp just being abusive to the leavers, look, a democratic vote happened, the vote was leave, and behold a few remain took to the streets and social media not accepting democracy = fascist.

The scare tactic to those ‘naive’ remain campers has not materialised. The markets are back, soon the pound will be, the countries that threatened brexit would be a problem are, and have been proved wrong! This is where it can get confusing. Most folks think fascism is from those hard core right wing lots, but, and has now been proved, a daft few of remain took to the streets and any media, to try get their way – that my friends, is fascism.

So much was mentioned about Nigel Farage in front of that dammed poster, yet not alot was mentioned about the dreadfully racist poster; skinhead v old Asian lady on a see-saw, just terrible…


Which Poster is Racist?

Much is being mentioned about the recent photo of ‘Farage’ in front of a poster. So, very little was mentioned about the poster from that group called ‘OBV’ who posted a poster of a skinhead abusing an old Asian lady. Now, in my simple mind, the most abusive racist poster is most certainly the see-saw one, hands down its dreadful. Why wasn’t this given the huge media shit that the leave campaign get? Oh, erm…

Your choice folks.


Racist 2

Stuart Briggs in the Royal Air Force…

Charity starts at home…

I’m very proud to have served in the armed forces. Too many ‘do gooders’ you know the type, we all know of the ‘posh hippies’ that state the world is a wonderful balanced environment. Lets not forget, when I got ill at 45 years of age, ultimately it was left to the forces charities of the Royal British Legion, and Ssafa that helped me resettle, as at the time the government abandoned me, mind you, sarcoidosis played a huge part, fortunately, in an unfortunate way.

Briggs is in here! - Copy

Me, I’m a nice geezer…

Me own

Right, finally trying to sort my Beep referral.

Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People (Beep), is possibly a direction that could be good for me? Lets see…


To debate, acknowledge, or not to, that is the question?

I posted this to a Facebook friend, he tirelessly raises superb debates…

“I admire many of your recent post’s ****, you are saying what a massive % of folks are thinking. It was asked on here (your page) If I was a supporter of a chap called Don Trump, after absolute minimal research, Don Trump is simply a version of Nigel Farage, and is saying what many dare not say. You ****, like me, do say as we feel, right, wrong, loads of in-betweens, but we can debate, we can acknowledge others views, where as a very few who answer you can’t = facists. Your a brave man and I admire you.”

Oh, facists as they only have their own views, and no way will they acknowledge others.

Anyone find a problem with this photo?
All the men have a brolly, and the women huddle like penguins…

Head of Steam, Leeds!




I reckon those bottles take some dusting!

Testing testing 321…



Yeay, my first posting from a phone!

Sarcoidosis and Zero Vitamin D

I just don’t post enough, though I do tweet and hope folks get to see some? At the beginning of November 2015, I started a typical cycle of being shattered, fatigued, tiredness, exhausted etc. Went to the docs, mainly because I had hit quite a low mood (more on that later). He has been pretty good with me, anyway he suggested some extra bloods testing. Amazingly within a few hours the results were back, I have zero vitamin D in my body.

So, I’m prescribed Invita D3. Two be taken once per week…


I did my usual and researched this drug, guess what, it carries a warning that patients with Sarcoidosis must be treated with caution, the warning is pretty much that this medication can be dangerous for us sarcoids. So, zero vitamin D in sarcoids is dangerous, as are the meds to treat zero vitamin D in sarcoids, jeez.
Sarcoid and D3


After phoning Addingham surgery, the doctor returned my call, he went through his BMA manual and found the advice in some small print, he thanked me and we are going to try with half the dosage.

More growths are happening inside my feet, especially the ball of the right foot. It can feel like I’m constantly walking on pebbles, so I’m awaiting various scans for this.

I have never felt so tired, and fed up. The mental health team have got me in really quick; it took only two week. I know it can take some folks months. I’m going to be treated with Cognitive behavioral therapy (be careful how you key the CBT into the search engine – ouch!) which we hope will work along side a current medication of Fluoxetine. When I did see the doctors screen it appeared to have a red background, that is a first time.

Sometimes this would be the best way…

It’s shit, I swear.