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Facebook is shit!

Short before a storm. I reduced that Facebook friends thingy from over 500 to about 100. I post about facts, proper facts, about folks thoughts, proper thoughts, yet various twaTs report some of this, then I get taken down, until FB see I’m reasonable. I’ve had enough of Facebook and those who report me. I hope some of those I have remaining find me on here – my site, and/or through Twitter. Facebook is truly shit for folks like me. As for you twaTing ‘do gooders’ fuck off from my life – cunTs. I’m also so much more annoyed as my Sarcoidosis page is growing so much, arrggghhhh…

Update, erm oh, Facebook crashed, sorry folks, but I had a nice rant though!

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

A released feeling

I should say, after my article about bullying I have had a sense of release. Felt very oddly scary writing it but, and thankfully I’m not a bad amateur writer. My passion for freedom of speech and truth is stronger than any physical contact.


Recently I had some reminders of various issues through bullying from my early life. So, I have decided to write about those that can still bother me. Trying to Keep them in order and short, it can also illustrate why I have a fear of water and confined spaces, trust and love, potentially I am dyslexic – I should get checked out? Please follow this link.