Can sarcoidosis cause weight loss fatigue tiredness

Can sarcoidosis cause weight loss
Can sarcoidosis cause fatigue
Can sarcoidosis cause tiredness

Weight loss

The strange thing with one of the first sarcoid symptoms is the weight loss, though my appetite was just the same weight poured and tumbled off me, this started before I was diagnosed. I went from around 11.5 stone to about eight stone in the region of four months. You can view me at my thinnest while I play my Gibson Les Paul here. A human body can cope very well while losing weight, certainly if the appetite is still good but eventually a point will be reached that becomes dangerous, if the weight loss is rapid that in itself a danger.


During this weight loss fatigue can also be a serious factor, it’s not necessarily the loss of weight that causes the fatigue but it can certainly contribute. When you get diagnosed and treated you should start to gain weight again, but what you could find is still immense fatigue, this fatigue originally might have been mentioned by the medics to have been caused by the weight loss, yet for those of us that start on treatment we find out this fatigue is unbelievably annoying, frustration is an understatement.


This can seem to happen at anytime, even before other symptoms, sleep, sleep and more sleep you feel is the direction. The thing is, the tiredness does not seem to go away, its one of sarcoids constants. For me I decided to try and not have cat nap type snoozes during the day, as when I did the night sleeping really was disturbed, I now find I can sleep better at night by avoiding those snoozes. Usually if a strong tiredness does nit I can go for a short walk and refresh somewhat.

The weight loss, fatigue and tiredness combined with the breathlessness can sometimes feel unbearable, especially when you have lead an active lifestyle, it can be treated and controlled though it must be mentioned that a lot of this control includes will power.

What is advised is to try exercise as best possible throughout sarcoidosis, whether it ends up being short, medium or long term do try walking, cycling, swimming or which ever form of exercise you prefer. After exercising then here resting is important, try not sleeping until your night arrives.

The breathlessness could be much more serious due to the problems that sarcoid can do to the lungs, it is certainly another sarcoidosis symptom.

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