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Things that make me, or you go FFS

More than ever a trend is arising, of folks whom, if you do not agree with them then, you are erm, a far right discriminatory type. Usually these folks are those on the fascist Lib-Left as anything right of them does not fit their agenda. It’s getting so annoying.

Why are those folks getting so upset at opinions? Anyway, some of the things that do my head in, in no particular order…

  • Folks joining eating trends rather than a dietary need.
  • LGBT qrsuvwxyz + as they want to be special and get upset easily.
  • Religion, I hate all but one is treated special, that’s annoying.
  • The dammed Political Correctness brigade, shhh.
  • Getting old alone.
  • Me, myself and I.
  • Noisy neighbours!
  • Happy clapping tree hugging folks living in a bubble.
  • Chin up, pull yourself together perspective twats.
  • In hindsight then it could have been, hindsight is shit.
  • Fake news!
  • Opinionated news channels rather than impartial; BBC, etc.
  • The dammed EU remain remoaner lots.
  • Elitism of any kind.

I have more, it’s just so frustrating as the working classes know.


Pet hates with some Proper hates

Thought I had blue though black is best.

That look, have I taken your seat?
Minus one to minus two whats that all about…

Fag ends on the floor especially those still smoking. What is so difficult in stubbing them out then throwing into a bin.
Prams pushed into the road as the parent woman – usually, looks at the phone trying to cross.
Sports folks spit, but they don’t go around in public areas getting the worse gunk out of their mouths onto the pavement.
A low kerb crossing blocked by some twatting big four wheel drive vehicle and on the road zigzagged out of school.
Women – erm, feminists that are just that when the time is ‘ok’ for them to be so.

Best blame some men now, but that’s a struggle…

Beards, those who don’t grow them, oh but I love dreads especially in a beard!

What brings you in here again?

I am, I’m not.

Those needing foodbanks, so much food goes to waste, a bent cucumber, a brown banana, fucking stupid isn’t it.
Homelessness anywhere.
Pretend poor, it’s such a struggle in poverty. Yeah, right eh – fuckers.
Terrorism, bullying, home alone, cruelty, extreme hate of any type.

Dammed 53 again, fuck right off.

Un – frozen dog shit gets slipped on, frozen just rolls with it!

The list goes on…

Me to those types mentioned.

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

Stuart Briggs’s V – BLIP Manifesto

Right, the idea of V – BLIP started a few years ago and now it’s very real. With all the current parties in a definitive Dire Straights and so out of date with the old fashioned left, right and center shite, its about time a ‘proper’ manifesto was put together taking on board no shit.

Fucked off with the current state of the career politician types? Keep checking here for updates on the peoples party or click on Winston’s head. Stuart Briggs’s V – BLIP.

With the ever growing manifesto, together we can fuck the current twats right off…

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

Should I be Bemused?

Recently I have posted about the political parties. It’s amusing how folks can pick up on one, and then accuse you of taking sides with that party?! The most recent posts are below, they are using satire, wit, and my view. Now, if anyone thinks otherwise then no problem, you decide who I’m going to vote for as me, myself, and I, we really don’t know! In order here they are…

Will folks not understand that @Nigel_Farage of @UKIP is stating what most are thinking, yet they all get classed as racist bigots, huh…

Got @NicolaSturgeon of @theSNP on my mind. I’m still wondering how high those heels were? Is it true you have a pierced nipple?

It’s such a piercing stare isn’t it? When @Ed_Miliband of @UKLabour finds the camera on him, that look down the lens is scary…

Actually, @natalieben of @TheGreenParty you did quite well Thursday, but if we get rid of nukes the ‘conventional’ defense needs investment.

It has to be said @LeanneWood of @Plaid_Cymru that, erm, your ideas would only work in a 3 – 5 party coalition, far from impossible!

Huh, then we have @David_Cameron of, huh @Conservatives and that other erm, oh @nick_clegg of huh @LibDems your time is over #fuckers

And this chap even got it wrong!

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

Election 2015

So, tonight (Thursday) it is the live debate of the seven main parties. Will they tell the truth and give honest answers? For me the two main issues are…

1; getting rid of the dreadful bedroom tax, especially for the disabled, ill, and vulnerable.

2; through my experiences and where possible, equal parenting should be given after a divorce/separation etc.

Will any of those two questions be asked, and if so will the answers actually be answers and not answered with a question.

I have pretty much voted Labour all my life, but this time I just don’t know, they are all so similar. Even the Greens are out of touch. Maybe this time I vote for the likes of Yorkshire First? After-all, all parties started somewhere and the next 10 – 20 years is going to see some massive changes in the world and certainly in the UK. Just on a tangent, is that why the British government have ordered almost 600 armored vehicles. I would say these are street vehicles for the UK, whats coming eh…

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

Election 2015 erm…

So, it is around the corner. The most important election in history, could this be a sight of things to come? Most British folks are sick to death of the wealthy getting wealthier, avoiding tax, bankers bonuses, all the rest of that shit. So here is my deep take on most of those that will be involved? V – BLIP to most indeed…

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

Labour – wrong brother, but need rid of that bedroom tax. Will come first.

Conservatives – looking after the wealthy. Will come second.

UKIP – pint and a fag, why not. Will come third after causing an earthquake.

SNP – mean well, and Scotland got rid of the bedroom tax in no time. Will do ok.

Greens – for those comfortable in life, can say they voted. Will get a few votes.

Respect – dear George I do like you, Bradford Labour is a mess. Will do well.

Reality Party – fracking hell, bit of a song and dance. Salford look out.

LibDems – huh. Will lose loads.

Down on the beach

Mike Harding on the NO vote…

What a write up, I couldn’t have wrote it better, but I would have used fuck instead of feck…

“At Mancs Airport heading for the Clifden Arts Festival – looks like my old chum Maartin Allcock is joining me for a few days – bring a bazouki or three Maart.
I woke at 5 am and checked the news – as I expected the No vote took it.
I’m disappointed for all my Yes friends in Scotland who saw this as a genuine chance for change. We need change – we all of us need change – we need to break free of the Westminster Bubble with its career politicians and its revolving doors where lobbyists get safe seats and MPs get directorships in firms they were bought by. The whole stinking corrupt pool of vomit that is London and the City of London needs reform. The citadel of privilege that is the Eton / Bullingdon / House of Windsor Establishment needs tearing down.
Lick your wounds Scotland and help us poor buggers south of the border to overturn the Austerity Barons, the men who are selling off the NHS, the lawmakers who are trying to destroy the Unions – the only recourse many of us have to help. We need a massive sea change and we need to shake up the body politic so that it never forgets that we elect them to serve us – we don’t elect them to tell us what to do, to sell of all our rights, to marketise our education and our health.
We haven’t time to form a new political party before the next election but we are going to have to vote for the least nasty of those we have got. If the Labour Party pledge to overturn the Coalition’s policies and overturn the Austerity measures / if it offers to tax the City until it squeals (so the bankers are going to feck off? Then let them – there are plenty of able men and women who can take their places and they haven’t exactly done a great job have they?) – and if they come up with a philosophy that is not “relaxed about people becoming stinking rich ” (Mandleson) then they might just find that people will vote for them.
The people of Scotland who voted Yes voted in the main I believe for a fairer more just society that doesn’t reward the greedy and powerful while it punishes the powerless. Scotland you can be proud of the way you engaged with the issues, proud of the passion and the anger you felt. You gave us John Mclean, Kier Hardy, James Connolly and in more recent times men of principle like John Smith and Robin Cook. Stick with us, lick your wounds and let all of us work together to get rid of the Plutocrats and the Oligarchs, the City Boys and their Placemen in 2015.

And to any Tory Trolls that are at this moment tapping away like demented feckin’ woodpeckers ready to scream at me that I am a “champagne socialist” or a “loony lefty” let me tell you that I will not accord you the dignity of a reply but will bin any posts you make. Life is too short to duel intellectually with the brain dead. Capitalism and your right wing creed is tearing up our world and serving what’s left of it on a plate to your masters. Feck you.

My last words – Scotland you were brave not just yesterday but right through this campaign. You frightened the Bullingdon mob enough for them to fly up to Caledonia bricking themselves. Stick with us and let’s fight together to make a genuine change in 2015.”

How my pension stands

Well, for all those that complain they have a bad pension, yet retire in their early to mid 50’s…


Reply to Harriet Harman…

V – BLIP all the way!
Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

The following is my reply to Harriet Harman;

Hello sender.

I very much doubt it is H.H. that sent the email. Thursday, if I vote it might be the Green’s or Ukip or Respect or whatever… Next year, well, Labour need to do an awful lot more to prove they are in touch with the millions of working class folks on the minimum wage, more so, those on less than £10/hour.

With the wealthy growing at a rate of 15%/year and worth hundreds of £billions then a decent living wage should be £10/hour.

You have no idea how difficult trying to make ends meet actually is.

Three years ago I had an ATOS assesment as I had just been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. It is making me shake just typing how hideous that meeting was, the ATOS assesor had never heard of sarcoidosis, how can they assess me to fail? My medics went nuts…

I have pretty much voted labour all my life but never have you been so conservative. You do not have any ‘real’ policies that will help us surviving, surviving with the help of charities.

I doubt I will get a personal reply. Within a few months I will be going through that stupendous system as my sarcoid has blown up – again. Even Remploy were surprised at my failing the assesment, yes they got me employment but it caused illness.

My rent has just gone up by 9%, and all the other expenses. Ssafa have been great.

I’m now getting annoyed.

Good bye.

Stuart Briggs.

Mobile number is supplied.

It’s all go for the new political party ‘V – BLIP’

V – BLIP is here, on the word that is highlighted, just after the word before it erm… Or click on the photo, that might work?
Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP