Election 2015 erm…

So, it is around the corner. The most important election in history, could this be a sight of things to come? Most British folks are sick to death of the wealthy getting wealthier, avoiding tax, bankers bonuses, all the rest of that shit. So here is my deep take on most of those that will be involved? V – BLIP to most indeed…

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

Labour – wrong brother, but need rid of that bedroom tax. Will come first.

Conservatives – looking after the wealthy. Will come second.

UKIP – pint and a fag, why not. Will come third after causing an earthquake.

SNP – mean well, and Scotland got rid of the bedroom tax in no time. Will do ok.

Greens – for those comfortable in life, can say they voted. Will get a few votes.

Respect – dear George I do like you, Bradford Labour is a mess. Will do well.

Reality Party – fracking hell, bit of a song and dance. Salford look out.

LibDems – huh. Will lose loads.

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