Can sarcoidosis cause stress anxiety depression

Can sarcoidosis cause stress
Can sarcoidosis cause anxiety
Can sarcoidosis cause depression 

For those already caught under the umbrella of stress, anxiety or depression, or a mix of all then being diagnosed with sarcoidosis can be very devastating. A few short explanations of what you could go through during the early, medium and long term processes of sarcoid.


Before being diagnosed it’s very possible that having so many different illnesses can cause you to miss quite abit of time from employment, this in itself is stressful as its difficult trying to explain to the company just what is wrong with you when even the medics do not know. Stress can also be brought on due to the worry that you will go through knowing the medics are unsure of your illness, it’s a spiral that even the most positive of person would struggle to control.


So, as you progress through these early stages of sarcoid eventually you will be sent for numerous tests, scans, and more tests. As results start to arrive various shadows could well be seen on x-rays, these can now start to cause anxiety to kick in, what are the shadows? Next step is usually to have biopsy’s, and more tests, it could well mean a few weeks of waiting, anxiety more than likely will build up terribly.


After finally being diagnosed with sarcoidosis the chances are your life will change for a long time, if not for good. Even if you have never suffered with depression it’s very possible that this change in life could bring depressions ugly onslaught to you? You might have been a keen sports person, a musician, or in the real terms simply just keen on life. Your sarcoidosis life could change massively, not being able to achieve all that used to be classed as normal is devastating.

It’s a very lengthy process coming to terms with a serious debilitation condition like sarcoid. Folks will try to understand you but your mind will play games with you, seek help on stress, anxiety and depression at any time during sarcoidosis.

I will soon be covering mental health in great detail; again it will be broke down in to simple to follow terms rather than all the medical jargon that most sites of advice use.

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