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Double ice and JD please.
First ride of the year and I fell off.
Don’t go again – avoid it.
Best call the best friend.

That’s what I needed.
A week of massive highs.
Massive lows
And huge stupidity.

Four letters an excuse?
Saturday was phenomenal.
My sons are phenomenal.
My best pals phenomenal.


Almost £10 on the Co-op.
Will it go to the foodbank?
Double JD with single ice.
An easy rhyme is simply spice.

Back soon.
Porky scratchings please.

More listening to the old.
As the young should be told.
Just listen to their say.
This bit almost rhymed.

She’s bored to fuck.

Go to sleep and wake up.
All problems are gone.
It’s realised to nothing.
Only you are awake.


Fucking mad isn’t it.
Novelty of said sand.
It’s only cricket.
Keep your chin up.

Oh well.

A hat and a purse.
Then keep your money safe.
A monologue?
Not phenomenal.

But it could be worse.

It wasn’t Doris.

Right on the edge all was stoned.
Being blown wildly Doris had me moaned.
Jetty built solid in 1853.
Arrive at the Crown and given a little tree.

Those bastard stairs scared the fuck out of me.
Those bastard stairs be quiet or you’ll see.
Those bastard stairs a witch chased me.
Those bastard stairs caused me to pee.

The fear of being controlled by it.

Bradford by the sea?
It’s gone Eric.
It’s gone.

2013, well will it really?

Something that is not doom and gloom, its a positive!

Think im going to stop something.
Think im going to start something.
Think im going to try something.
Think im going to leave something.

Think im going to lose something.
Think im going to gain something.
Think im going to dream something.
Think im going to live something.

What is this something.
Where is this something.
How is this something.
Something never knows.

Unless you try…

Same again, but after 2012, then 2013 is offering something.

Something will be sound
And something again found.

Oh, its the future wife…

A mindful poem

Demons appear without any warning
They stare at me like in mourning
All those noises are silently heard
Much preferring the early singing bird

Try my bike knowing I can’t play
Best go for a walk looking for Rose’
Keeping active is such a cover up
Look at Stu he’s such a crazy nut

On a guitar is it just a show
Me myself and I, we say no
27th July 1964
Until when, I don’t fucking know

Stay away
Free my day
Talk to me
Let me free

Today is again, it’s just a gain.

Poetry about wind and rain

A video poem all about the wind and rain, its out in the Wharfe Valley by the River. Maybe my accent plays a part of telling these times?

Some very nice Wharfe valley scenes

While out walking, by the River Wharfe.
Clear thoughts, a muddled head of course.
Nice and quietly, the river does play.
Many memories, often they do stray.

I decided no music, songs or sounds behind the video photos, just beautiful silence…

More photos added!

Check out my new fence and gates theme, with some shots which hope to give another view point! I’m keeping an eye on you…

A spring of white and green

A spring poem

Clearly through the tree, a snow line is seen.
A mixture of spring, with white and green.
Tree your standing, cold and bare.
While looking, and breathing this cold air.

Soon you will stand, bright and warm.
Leafs growing, from you in form.
Keep on pushing, just to get through.
A cold time to warm, with leafs of new.

Here you can find more nature poems.

Havent’t a clue.

I got CT Scan results back, went to Hospital and it appears I have 2 ‘Things’ on my Lungs-they couldn’t give me any more info apart from, as well as possible Sjogrens I might have another 3 illnesses, FAB stuff eh…  Urgently awaiting Lung specialists now;

A body draining of moisture.
Tears, though try they dont arrive.
Sure it will work out ok?
But squint to see it through dried eyes.

I think I should carry my sketch book.
Only 2 and half pints, Strolled on home.
My hat is firmly off.
To all those folks through hard times alone.

I have never felt so Fed up, Alone and Lonely-I feel dreadfull all round.

Something in the way…

Many times I go to sleep with open eyes.
Looking to the future back at all those whys.
My eyes close but ears they are open.
Jump and jerk, its not a trip-I have woken.

Many times I go to bed with closed ears.
Hoping not to see, but hear all those fears.
Tears they dry, keeping both eyes sore.
Enough is enough and to want it is no more.

You can hear it but you cant see it.
Trees bend when the wind blows.
You talk to yourself into the wind.
You talk to yourself and no one knows…

Alone, but lonely intense Hugs of mine…
Love my Matt and Jacob big time.