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The View

Volume 11 live at Delius Bradford, this original track is simply brilliant, a young band simply going through the learning process to bigger better things, keep it going guys…

And a great version of Take Me Out;

Low Mill Weir, The Awesome Power of Water

Simply raindrops all coming together, forming this torrent, immensely impressive, not to step to close though!!! This is approximately three miles down stream from Bolton Abbey and The Strid Wood, a gorgeous part of the Wharfe Valley.

British Elite Circuit Race Championship 2012 at Otley

This last corner entering the finishing straight is not for the faint hearted, the video is a little deseiving as to just how fast they are travel, and a great win for local rider Scott Thwaites, second claim member to my club the Ilkley Cycling Club.

A superb evening with fantastic atmosphere, I was very happy to be involved with the marshalling.

How to make an easy cooking shepherds or cottage pie

A delightful how to cook easy a shepherds pie, or a cottage pie, in fact its named flat pie as this is made with turkey mince and I live in a flat! All cost’s are shown below the video, do enjoy the original music too…

Just take a look at these cost’s.

£2.50 minced turkey.
£0.75 potatoes.
£0.64 parsnip.
£0.22 carrots.
£0.45 celery.
£0.25 mushrooms.
£0.65 chillies.
£0.30 garlic.
£0.30 onions.
£0.30 peppers.

£6.36 total. And for this I created four good meals, three to freeze, average then is an amazing £1.59 for a good healthy meal.

Poetry about wind and rain

A video poem all about the wind and rain, its out in the Wharfe Valley by the River. Maybe my accent plays a part of telling these times?

Some very nice Wharfe valley scenes

While out walking, by the River Wharfe.
Clear thoughts, a muddled head of course.
Nice and quietly, the river does play.
Many memories, often they do stray.

I decided no music, songs or sounds behind the video photos, just beautiful silence…

How to cook a whole chicken made easy recipe

A superb and easy dish here, chicken cooked whole nice easy and cheap! all the best cooking ideas carried out cheaply, on a budget then make it spread with these ideas, easy cooking for easy folks. A very nice and sound piece of music to compliment this gorgeous dish!

£3.07 – whole chicken.
£0.81 – smoked bacon rashes.
£0.74 – chicken savoury stuff.
£0.75 – 6 potatoes.
£0.56 – 5 carrots.
£1.10 – 3 parsnip.
£0.10 – cooking oil.
£0.15 – butter.

£7.28 what a brilliant price, it works out at less than £1 per meal, all fresh and healthy!

Learning laughter therapy!

Laughter the best medicine they say, hmmm. well here I attempt some forced and unforced laughter, did it make me feel better? have a watch and find out how to laugh, join in and see how you feel…

How to make an easy cooking chicken casserole

A simply delicious easy chicken casserole recipe from me! all cost’s are shown for this cheap and cheerful meal. Enjoy the music too…

Measures are upto you but;

£2.18 – 410g diced chicken.
£0.50 – 4 potatoes.
£0.32 – 5 carrots.
£0.75 – 2 parsnip.
£0.50 – 250g diced onions.
£0.30 – 1 garlic.
£0.15 – 3 stock cubes.
£0.05 – Bit of Salt.

£4.83 for five good healthy meals!!!

Plenty more easy cooking tips are here.

I’ll Find

My own composition titled I’ll Find. Maybe its a thought of I’ll find inner peace by piece, or should that be I’ll find inner piece by peace? either way both are a good road to finding inner space…

A little early to be recording yet the mood was right!