How to make an easy cooking shepherds or cottage pie

A delightful how to cook easy a shepherds pie, or a cottage pie, in fact its named flat pie as this is made with turkey mince and I live in a flat! All cost’s are shown below the video, do enjoy the original music too…

Just take a look at these cost’s.

£2.50 minced turkey.
£0.75 potatoes.
£0.64 parsnip.
£0.22 carrots.
£0.45 celery.
£0.25 mushrooms.
£0.65 chillies.
£0.30 garlic.
£0.30 onions.
£0.30 peppers.

£6.36 total. And for this I created four good meals, three to freeze, average then is an amazing £1.59 for a good healthy meal.

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