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How to use a banana that helps save even more

I had a £1 voucher off if I spent more then £10 at Morrison’s local in Ilkley, these bottles of Cava were offered at a £4.99 saving £3 per bottle, took me to £9.98 so I got a 12pence banana, I felt I had to explain myself…

And so I get another voucher to save £1.30 if I spend £13 or more.

Christmas break 2012

One thing is for sure, the short working week allowed me to catch up on a fair few on-line surveys, yet another in-depth article that I will be writing about; how to earn through on-line surveys, these can get you a good amount of vouchers for the sales, but certainly not make a living!

How to be good and healthy orally

Its something that very many folks really do seem to be bad at, but with the aid of mechanics and gadgets, then no one should really have any excuse to lapse. You really need to find out what are the best types of head to get at all those hardest of areas, yet also decent small gadgets to slip in between;

This is an old head worn out, it probably went on far too long at about a year, once worn out then the bristles are not very good at scrubbing the teeth or gums.

Today I started on something that I have never had before, a double head for, for me, one goes in one direction while the other does another, very little gets wasted, very impressed, and in a pack of four, now im ready for my new tooth on 5th March 2013!

What we have here is lots of in-betweens, starting with the floss stick and pointer, this gets into the tightest of areas below the gum line, the first interdental tooth brush is a tiny 0.45mm, this can just about get below the gum line, the next size is 0.6mm which is ideal for the tight spaces between them there teeth, and finally the big size is 1.1mm, this fits brilliantly between those cranky teeth that I have… Oh, and before the floss stick on the left, yes appears a hair, this has nothing to do with looking after your oral hygiene, erm…

It was once said to me that a woman looks at teeth and shoes, and yes she did a couple of years as a dental hygienist before returning to M & S York, I wonder where now, and that she is now ok?

Last but not least, do not swallow, after swishing it around the mouth for about a minute then you must gargle and then spit, this should be done a couple of times per day, usually mid morning and at the evening.

New years resolution thingy

Im thinking about taking up smoking as my new years resolution, how to take up smoking is explained a little below the video, just to compliment the old habit of drinking, you see, its like this, erm…

Is it such a bad habit? if affordable then why not, more than too many do, hmmm, but do check out that middle finger of up yours, unintentional obviously but it points out quite well really!

To take up smoking then obviously start on the nicotine patches, then after about a month move onto those false cigarettes, then about a month after that start on the full blown tobacco.

By then maybe alcohol patches will be available? now that is a great idea, double JD and coke please, then stick it anywhere, what about pints of beer patches with good head?

I can’t believe I dropped to eight stone at that stage of my sarcoid.

I really can and do multi task!

Just a little proof here, but honestly, cooking and ironing together is great therapy…

This is the biggest, deepest flat pie I have ever made, usually I cook it in two oven dish things and turn it into four, this time I decided to cram it all into one, I think it worked.

In between all that cooking of stuff I did do the ironing, one thing you need to remember, always iron your clothes while slightly damp, it works a treat, erm, ok, the photo is a little blurred but I were rushing!

I actually do love cooking, this is one of the best flat pies ever, simply because I crammed everything into one dish, divide it by four and felt hungry.

Can you smell them?

How to make a huge salad sandwich easy

So much is mentioned about folks getting the five per day, erm, obviously not sex, that would be more like one per five years! no, the mind drifts, im talking the biggest best salad sandwich that will give you between two and three of your five per day, just follow these messy guidelines, all for about £2 and you wont go wrong!

All you need is four slices of long lasting type brown bread, wholemeal I think its called, hmmm, all supermarkets call it differing names – obviously! oh, and butter a side each, not both sides now, and just throw loads of sweet crispy salad on there, don’t be shy!

These salad sandwiches are nice and fat, the problems now start with just trying to drop them into the tub, they do slide about a little due to the quantity of the honey and mustard dressing, but it only has a couple of days before it turns to penicillin and so you well understand that it needs using, using up…!

The end game would result in one winner, the lid with the sheer force on my helping it, these are huge and tasty sandwiches, can you smell them, hmmm, oh, its my chicken and mash in the oven.

Chicken curry with a large side salad

I know, I know, Ok! but it tasted gorgeous, its really not something to mix, never mind a huge amount of it, yes cold slow slapped massively on the side of my curry – home cooked! my mouth is watering just thinking about it, try it, go on, just do it…

You feeling lucky punk, well… do you…

Something, well like lots of us experience, yet the thing is, most of us do not say, yet we could say something like;

“Now Rose’ is in half, the conversation was started at around 13:00hrs, confusion reigned, laughter rained, once almost finished then the Spaghetti Bolognese is certainly not a western, its in my homemade promise of no clues? not your style? then never on mind, its just a whole game of charades, take your pick, do you feel lucky? well, do you…

… perfect”

A total transformation of looks

It had to happen, I decided not to get my hair cut after I started being ill, and so times move and change, of course I need an appropriate job and so, here I will show you just how easy it is to cut your own hair made easy…

As you can view, a look here of trying to copy Einstein, but, he had already been there! once those clippers do come out…

You can have a little bit of a play, a good old comb-over, erm, I thought about going out with it and then again…

Such a result onto the towel, I mean, it felt so much lighter, oh should I say emptier! hmmm…

Yes you guessed it, who is this superbly good looking fella? what a massive difference clippers to the hair can do, this could well have cost £10-£20 in the hair-dresser/barbers, but as you can see, clippers work just fine!

On a final note it has been asked about something else, and the answer is no I did not touch them, for further viewing you will need to hold your breath as this is unbelievably not Brazilian and definitely not Hollywood, right, hold your breath…!

Interview at Sainsburys in the morning

And so the decision was made, to cut my own hair as easy as possible, cheap as possible, as quick as possible, yes this is the one you have all been waiting for; how to cut your own hair real easy and to look good for an interview.