Can sarcoidosis cause headaches chest or joint pain

Can sarcoidosis cause headaches

Sarcoidosis can cause problems with your head and face including; headache, visual and hearing problems, hoarseness and sore throat, facial numbness, dysphagia, transient ischaemic attack/stroke, peripheral neuropathic lesions, lesions of cranial nerves, seizures, bitemporal hemianopia due to optic chiasmal involvement, polydipsia. All these symptoms could mean the possibility of neurological involvement.

Neurosarcoidosis, lymphocytic meningitis andBell’s palsy and are common symptoms of neurological involvement. Any part of the peripheral or central nervous system can be affected by infiltrative nerve lesions, all these problems can lead to a very large variety of neurological disease.  Diabetes insipidus can also be cause by sarcoidosis.

Can sarcoidosis cause chest pain

Coughing would potentially be a first sign of anything wrong with your chest, usually starting with the lymphnodes and spreading to the lungs. Usual pattern can be a dry cough, fever and dyspnoea, interstitial lung disease is chest discomfort, it can lead to lung scaring.

Can sarcoidosis cause joint pain

Joints can swell and be painful as can muscles, sarcoidosis can also tend to be present as an inflammatory arthritis after initially oligoarticular. It can also cause actylitis, tenosynovitis, periarticular soft-tissue swelling, osteopenia and associated myopathy.

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