Ten easy tips on how to lose blubber fat weight

How to lose weight easy

As I seem to be ‘piling’ on the weight I decided to show these ten easy tips on how to lose and manage weight, most of us go there don’t we, those times of the year, leading up to birthdays, holidays, Christmas and the likes, need to get that weight off in an impossible four weeks, depressed because you gained even more weight and then the cycle carries on.

Well, by following these 10 very easy and cheap tips to lose and control weight you can be onto a winner, its all common sense, nothing to it, you do not need the gym, just plan around your hour, everyday, every month, get into a weight control positive habit now.

Tip 1. Keeping to a meal routine

Try to eat at roughly the same times each day; whether this is one two or five times a day. Shifts can bear some problems to eating at a set routine, a routine for eating through the usual shift patterns of early (6am-2pm) and late (2pm-10pm) can quite easily be adhered to, but for the nights (10pm-6am) this is a different story, its very easy to snack on sweets (comfort eating) during the night shifts, therefore you will need plenty of will power.

Tip 2. Reduced fat

You can go on reduced fat versions of foods; salad dressings, dairy products, and spreads, play caution though as some can still be high in fat, use them sparingly, do not paste it on like cement as this will be of no benefit what so ever.

Tip 3. Walking off weight 

Did you know that 60-90 minutes of walking at a moderate pace is equivalent to about 10,000 steps, each day this can be done without having to go on a power hike? If your maths and memory don’t feel up to it then use a pedometer to help count the steps. Throughout the day break up you’re walking around your living and/or working environment.

Tip 4. Healthy snack Pack

If you like snacking then instead of chocolate or crisps choose a healthy option, fresh fruit, vegetables sticks, and low calorie yogurts, the fruit and vegetables can be snacked on all you like so go ahead make your day a healthy snacking day.

Tip 5. What’s in a label

This is one of the mighty confusing parts to any food, so be careful of what the food labels claim. When shopping and preparing food the main contents to check on those food labels are the fat and sugar, keep them low or even nothing where possible.

Tip 6. Portions caution 

Except vegetables, don’t throw loads of food onto your plate. If the urge is such greatness for second helpings go grape a handful of grapes instead. Before having second helpings think twice.

Tip 7. Get on your feet

In any environment your sitting time can be broken up into two, five, or ten minutes each hour, while stood up and especially moving your body is burning calories and helping your posture. Aim to be on your feet ten minutes out of every hour.

Tip 8. Your drinks habit

If you don’t like the taste of water straight from the tap then water filters for the fridge doors are so easy to use and look after, so choose water or sugar-free squashes. Fruit juice unsweetened is high in natural sugar so limit it to one 150ml glass per day, this is also very close to one of your recommended 5-day. Alcohol is absolute will power, we all know its high in calories and a depressant.

Tip 9. Eating calmly and slower 

Oh do we like to rush our meals, take your time and slow down. Avoid eating on the go and certainly while watching TV. Where time permits sit down and try use eating as a positive event at a table if possible.

Tip 10. You’re five a day guide

One thing importantly here is not to forget about your minimum five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, whether fresh, frozen or tinned. Simply put one portion is either;

Two kiwi fruit.
Two pear halves.
30g of dried fruit.
Half of grape fruit.
Two broccoli spears.
One apple or banana.
Three sticks of celery.
Three heaped tablespoons of cooked vegetables.
Three heaped table spoons of butter or baked beans.

Phew, the list is endless and easy. Potatoes are missed off as they do not class toward the five a day, they are a starch food and fall into the category of bread and pasta. Well the choice is yours, ten very easy tips to help lose the blubber fat weight that we all complain of but frequently do nothing about.

Keep off the fats

Obviously that choice is yours, carry on having all that delightful frying a couple of times a day, the snacking pork pies, pasties and cakes in between, then you must not forget to complain that you feel too lethargic to get up and walk about your environment for a couple of minutes, I can feel you sweating already, ah the health benefits are unquestionable, yes its ten easy tips on how to lose fat blubber weight.

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