Telegraph and Argus

This were a headline last night, I took the screen shot, surely they have proof reading! It is quite funny though ha.

Bohemian Rhapsody

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen, viewed it through Amazon Prime, outstanding. I just can’t say much more apart from I struggled to keep my tears away. Loved it.

RIP Freddie.

Just Tell the Truth…

You know, throughout my 56 years of life, I have had so much erm, many ‘issues’ though one thing that stands with me forever is simply be honest and truthful, and with each other. Just tell the truth, it really is a big issue for me that so many folks just do not.

I were going to harp on but this’ll do. for fucks sake.

Brexit Red Tape? Erm, Nope.

One of the massive things that is pissing millions of folks off, are fake headlines like the below Yahoo news story by ‘a’ Yahoo reporter. Click on and read the link further down, it eventually states that it is the European Union red tape causing this problem, not the United Kingdom’s Brexit of the failing EU. Stop…

That’s all on this one folks, it’s all in the article!

The Burial Phone.

You know, many many years ago folks would get buried, as they still can but, no longer do they have a ‘connection’ to the outside world – just in case that, well, they are not dead. Once upon a time some folks did get buried – with a bell on their head stone, usually to pick up breathing or simply rip the bell off by hand, arrggghhhh…

What or who would think of such potential scariness which ended up being Taphophobia erm (yes I looked it up!). Have you seen the movie ‘Buried’ with Ryan Reynolds, fuck me it is not a horror movie but it is one of the most uncomfortable films I have ever seen, I do have some experiences and nope, confined spaces are not for me, especially as I get older.

Where were we? Ah, being buried alive and safety coffins. The first known record of this type of coffin being used was in 1792 devised by Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, I guess he too was also paranoid…

Okay, I really am getting there.

The all new Burial Phone, it has at least eight foot of antenna, which connects to a built in signal receiver in the head stone, it has at least a three month battery life, also the phone would have a special SIM with unlimited texts that expire after the chosen variable contract ends. The manufacturer – British Petroleum, have stated all the phone plastics used are reusable, but only if the person buried ends up being alive or your money back.

Dear Linda.

For some reason you have been on my mind, not a little but a lot. Lets see, in the mid 1980’s I walked into the Alma, I viewed you sat with erm, Janet and Peter? I ordered my drink and started chats with Dave. I had known Dave a long long time, my first memory of him, when he went on holiday to ‘Brid’ with us – my family, as he were a best friend of my much older brother Martin.

I had been to the Alma many times, never seen you though. Dressed in black with a hat, did you have a hat on? I think you did, I can’t remember, your eye liner was astonishing, as were your smile. I were asking Dave about you, I were smitten.


So, over the months of getting to know you I loved (anyone reading this, it wasn’t sexual). One night I remember you coming up to Windhill Cricket Club, to see me? I don’t know, but I were leaving, we had the most fantastic hug, I can feel it now but did we kiss? I remember watching you as I left. For various reasons I didn’t meet up with you after that, yet for some strange reason, you are all over my mind as I type this.

Hope you really are Okay, with much love to you.


Isn’t it all nuts…

Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Terribly sad to hear of his death. You know, he went through so much in his life. I fear over the next 10 years or so the world war 2 veterans and folks that survived it will almost be lost.

The younger end, especially the millennials wont have a clue how or what happened to allow them the freedom they now have, now I best stop there.

A lovely capture…

Doomsday Clock ‘Closer Than Ever’

Another fake headline from Yahoo, it should be ‘Doomsday Clock Remains the Same’ Why do the MSM give out so much doom and gloom headlines.

Liz Hurley in the Snow

Very nice, even though I think the photo has been sort of, improved. The thing is, once reading the article I got very uncomfortable. It states these ‘raunchy’ photographs are taken by her 18 year old son.

Okay, I must admit, why did you not ask 56 year old 13 tooth me Elizabeth Hurley! Why oh why did that idiot Hugh Grant do what he did… I’m confused lady.

Shit, I now notice she is claiming it is her 80 year old mother taking the snaps. Either way and whatever, son and mother taking sexy photos, jeez, it just isn’t right, perhaps it’s the stained bubble those type of folks live in or is it mine?

Let’s see a sexy clip of your mother, arrggghhhh.

2001 a Space Odyssey, Just How.

You know, I had a mental rush. Anyway, back to that later. I were thinking about Joan, comes to mind the 1970’s middle school, Wycliffe, now a primary school, Joan Gillis? She were a great gymnast. I ended up working, twice at Metal Box in Shipley, where she worked in admin, I do regret leaving the first time, reason being is not for here.

Joan Collins were on my mind, or were it the Cinzano advert, I’m simply not sure why? Below here (a few posts below!), you can view a video of rising damp and the rain leaking in my social housing home, so perhaps that is the link? Lots of ? marks I know, though I am pressing the keyboard widget things as I go along.

Phew, so. and then Kate Thornton comes to mind, I think Joan were a good friend of hers, did they sit together? Kate were tall and I think into horses? Erm, Leonard Rossiter in the Cinzano advert, he spills the drink over Joan Collins’ (is that correct English?) lap in a aeroplane.

So, I simply thought about the Stanley Kubricks 2001 space movie, isn’t his name just superb. I sat on the floor, rug, carpet, whatever and looked through the space/science fiction movies I have, then I saw it! I can not remember getting it, Now I need it to play on my 10 year old LG DVD player, that has served me super well but isn’t working well, isn’t it simply 2001 science and technology, just not as the movie…

To a few, the above will make sense.

I really liked Joan and Kate. I really liked Catherine Young, a small girl always walking tall.

Ah, it started playing and for some reason I started crying at this, this part, so it’s bed…