Life; Marmite or Salt?

At 58 I feel like I am approaching a roundabout with 58 exits, one for each year of my life. I could narrow it down to how many years I might have left or rather just the two exits of Marmite and Salt or maybe the traditional crossroads.

Anyway, Marmite you either like it or you don’t and you can take things with a pinch of Salt and not worry about it. I feel somewhere in between, I am becoming more unsettled with my mind, I take meds for that and other things.

It is confusing as I know far more folks are in a worse position of life than myself, it is not a matter of pull myself together or any of the insulting remarks people can try and offer. My dreams are getting ever more horrific yet also satisfying, for the previous years I have tried writing about ‘everything’ and sometimes it is pretty good yet I struggle to concentrate.

I use to do some great creative stuff on this site as mentioned ‘Sarcoidosis, the good the bad and lots of in between’ though I am now diagnosed with a Severe Psychological Behaviour Disorder.

Why am I writing this? Well, just to see if I can start to concentrate for small periods at a time and get back to regular blogging…

I love Marmite and hardly use Salt.

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