Pet hates of mine arrggghhhh…

This I will simply keep adding to, as can you in the comments!?

  • Guitar leads plugged in but not through the strap – that is my worse arrggghhhh.
  • Pushchairs and prams pushed into the road while mother looks at the mobile phone before crossing.
  • People judging others without knowing them – yes I’ve been guilty of that and hope I no longer do.
  • Dog shit on the pavement, shit pet owners.
  • Vehicles parked on lowered curbs that are for the ill and disabled to cross by.
  • Noisy neighbours.
  • Those #jobsworth fuckwits who tell you what to do when in fact they haven’t a fucking clue.
  • Politically correct folks who pull a discrimination card once they are cornered for being wrong.
  • Feminists – when it suites them.
  • Pretend poor, cannot afford this or that but appear to live a very nice life style – get real!
  • Vehicles parked on a pavement blocking it forcing you to use the road.
  • Cyclists that do not acknowledge other cyclists with a simple nod, a wave or even hello – twats.