Can sarcoidosis be cured go away or come back

Can sarcoidosis go away
Can sarcoidosis be cured
Can sarcoidosis come back

It’s believed about 30% to 70% of sufferers do not require treatment.
For sufferers with lung symptoms, and if the respiratory problems are very serious, active pulmonary sarcoidosis is usually observed without treatment for two to three months; if the inflammation does not subside spontaneously, treatment is then given. Prednisolone is the usual starting point of medication. This treatment can slow or reverse sarcoidosis for many sufferers; other sufferers do not improve with steroid medications.

Because many cases of sarcoidosis clear up without medications steroid treatments are put off for as long as is reasonably possible. Corticosteroids have many side effects, equally on the amount of dosage and the amount of time, their use is usually limited to sufferers with progressive, organ-threatening, and severe attacks of sarcoidosis.

Severe sarcoidosis sufferers symptoms are normally treated with steroids and steroid-sparing agents such as methotrexate and azathioprine are often used, cyclophosphamide has also been used but this is quite rare.

Follow up tests and examinations on sufferers with sarcoidosis should include lung function, electrocardiogram, eye examination, liver function, calcium and a 24-hour urine calcium.

A close watch of thyroid function is recommended for women as female sarcoidosis sufferers are significantly associated with hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and other thyroid diseases.

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