Sarcoidosis sufferers and exercise benefits sarcoid

Can you exercise with sarcoidosis
Should I exercise with sarcoidosis
Sarcoid and exercise benefits 

It is becoming more commonly advised to try exercise best possible for those living with a debilitating condition like sarcoid. The most upto date research with the University College London does suggest exercising sarcoidosis though rest well afterwards.

My experience of exercising since being diagnosed in 2010 has mainly being going on walks, I usually go on three or four weeks per week, these are for between 90 and 120 minutes, starting slowly I build up to a controlled level of medium to heavy breathing, I then maintain this whether its on the flat, up hill or down hill, once I’m approaching home I slow down to a nice and steady pace.

The exercising causes me to get very sweaty, but it also helps to maintain my weight.

This could also help you too, be gentle but determined with yourself, go outdoors and start with three 30 minute sessions each week, nice and easy walking, ensure you do raise your breathing but keep comfortable while listening to your body, it can be done and you will benefit. Try following these 10 easy tips on losing and maintaining a healthy weight too, it can be done but it needs determination as well as caution, caution not to over do it…

Being a cyclist for most of my life it has been a huge shock to how I now struggle on my bike, in 2011 after moving I decided to join the Ilkley cycling club, my plan is to eventually help out with the slower rides, but only once we know my lungs are OK to do this, I will find out on 14th May 2012.

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