Alcoholic or bad habit do I drink too much alcohol

How much should you drink

Do you drink too much? then read on even if you don’t?! It is quite a tough fine line, but what is that line? A glass or two each night – what size glass. A bottle or two each night – bottles of what. Binge drinking “Oh I haven’t had a drink all week so I can have plenty tonight.” It all started somewhere, click the poll at the bottom of this hub in a honest manner.

At what point can you be classed as having a bad alcohol habit, many folks say it just helps relax them after a stressful day either at work or with the kids or both. I’m sure many folks can just have that relaxing drink when they get home and not progress after the one or two glasses of wine.

It can take up to 12 hours for a bottle of wine – at 12% – to clear from your body. For those folks who go beyond the glass or two then you are starting to fall into the category of bad habit, no it doesn’t sound much to drink a bottle of wine over the period of the evening, including having a good meal but the fact is you stand a good chance of driving to work with alcohol in your blood.

So you arrive at work, labourer, semi-skilled, skilled, clerical, supervisor, manager, executive. All of these jobs require decisions, but as you progress up the scale you become a major decision maker – with clear thoughts? Has it ever happened to you? Chances are it’s happened to most of us that we can not just concentrate enough in those first couple of hours. Only after the morning break do the effects fully wear off?

Bad habit

That seems like a bad habit, but once in work do you feel tempted to go to the bar for your lunch break, yes your intentions are to have a soft drink with your food and very many folks do, but you feel tempted to have an alcoholic drink to go with your meal, its only one so not to worry and after all, last nights alcohol has now cleared from your system?

Back to work and you’re feeling relaxed, happy, and looking forward to home time. Thinking about what to do when you get home you realise nothing is actually planned, and how you felt a little bored the previous night, and the night before that, and the night before that. So picking up a bottle on the way home is actually now part of your daily routine.

Seems like this bad habit is getting a little out of control? Have you been in this routine for a few years now? Or has the routine now started to get to the point that you actually feel quite rough in the morning and that “Hair of the dog” springs to a normal mind, just call into the shop and purchase a small spirits bottle, which should do the trick? Easy to conceal these small bottles aren’t they? Thing is with the small bottles is that they run empty too soon, what about the breath – Vodka is commonly ‘thought’ of for not smelling on your breath, perfect.

Out of control

Well well, you’re now completely starting to run out of control but you’re still content that you can carry out your employment without a problem and that no one notices anyway? On the way home your just going to call into the shop again, you think you will use another shop, in fact you will use a different shop each time you call in as they might think you have a problem. You’re now picking up a bottle of spirits everyday on the way home – don’t forget your ready meal.

It’s ok though as you still have it all under control and can stop anytime, sometimes you might need to concentrate to make sure you can walk ok and that your work colleagues don’t notice your eyes – that by now have started to remain somewhat bloodshot due to the weakened blood vessels of the alcohol consumption. Not worried but in most lines of work using your hands and fingers is the norm, how can the shaking stop? Topping up with those small bottles no longer helps steady your hands. Bills its fine, just drop behind.

The obvious weight loss is now showing, no problem as you now have to purchase new clothes that fit and look good? More so is your facial features that have now started to appear thin and gaunt, you get comments from friends, family and work colleagues asking if your ok?

Seek help

Seems to me you have a problem, lots of help is available. Alcoholics Anonymous is your first port of call as it is private, your doctors can help but sometimes you feel that doctors are a little unapproachable; they can offer assistance through the likes of Drinkaware and the Lifeline Project. Alcoholism is a very vicious spiral to get caught up in, very many reasons for this but what can start out as a nice relaxing drink sends a very many of folks out of control.

In a bottle in a box or in a tin.
Is this really called meditating.
In a bottle in the box or in a tin.
Is this really called my medicine.

I don’t know.
But I care.
What’s in there.

Just another one and then I’ll be done.
Ordered my takeaway now it should soon come.
Just another one and then I’ll be done.
Eaten my takeaway now this isn’t fun.

I don’t know.
But I care.
What’s in there.

In the bottle in the box or in the tin.
This really is called meditating.
In the bottle in the box or in the tin.
This really is called my medicine.

I don’t know.
But I care.
Its shit I swear.

Everyone knows someone who is either well advanced into that cycle or someone who has been there and can offer advice and assistance when required. Don’t sit there with your glass wondering what you should do next, do it and don’t despair, all the help you need is at hand but the main person who can help is you…

Replace a negative addiction with a positive addiction, I even managed to reduce my utility bills by about £20/month, go for it as it all counts.

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