Debt collectors

Debt collector’s rights

Something that folks with debt problems can easily get confused with are debt collectors, what is a debt collector? they can’t enter your home or take your possessions, they don’t have the same powers as bailiffs. They can only phone, write, or visit your home to talk to you about paying back the debt.

Home visits

Upon meeting in your home if they start trying enforce you into agreeing something or they are abrupt insisting you have little choice then you can ask them to leave, if they continue or threaten you physically, call the police straight away.

How to complain about a debt collector

If a debt collector continues to appear to harass you, phone call after phone call, letter after letter, you can ask them to stop, failing this contact your local trading standards department to complain and get the harassment stopped.

You are allowed to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service about a lender or debt collection agency but must follow the lender’s complaints procedure.

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