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A Statement of Intent.

Me, myself and I are deciding on a few things.

This year of 2018 a few things have been quite helpful and good, mainly through meeting new people. Not everyone can be pleased, not everyone can be friends but this year seems to have seen parts of my health at least get stable. It’s being said that this could be due to introducing ‘us’ to my new friends.

The statement is simple, various things in life can make me quite anxious, this anxiety is harmful not only to my mental health but it can also cause the Sarcoidosis to kick in. Therefore and within reason, anything that causes this anxiousness will either be given time out or blocked out from my life.


It can really be a struggle to explain

After some treatment, last Monday a UK top ‘skin’ professor told me well done. This shit can grow anywhere in and/or out of me. Spread the Fucking word folks Ffs. Yet just please understand; There is more chance of remission with cancer. We don’t say this because we get attacked when we do, but we are looking at a reduced lifespan.


One of my ‘pet’ hates, is simply when folks compare illnesses and death. Illness and death is not a competition.

Simply the best, breakfast sandwich!

Well, just view this in progress sandwich. How to make the biggest, best, fullest breakfast sarnie possible. Timing is crucial as it all needs to be hot, and the coffee just at the correct temperature as you work your way through the sandwhich. Feeling hungry, hmmm…

Firstly make a coffee, it can then be cooling during the mission of building the sandwich.

Then the frying starts. With the onions carefully positioned, it is best to slice the sausages as they are easier to control for task of transferring to the bread.

Breakie 1

While the frying takes place stick the potato thingy’s into the oven. As can be seen they need to be on a tray and strategically placed to the oven middle, do use oven gloves or some of your skin will get stuck.

Breakie 2

Making sure the bread has had something spread on it, ensure the sausages get to the edges, this is vital as they need tasting in every bite and the sauce does not soak into the bread.

Breakie 3

Once everything is cramped on, then, and only then should the potato thingy’s be placed at very good angles. If you get problems use the mathematical formula BODMAS.

Breakie 4

When slicing, the knife needs to be sharp as fuck, otherwise the cut just does not go smooth and the internal gets savagely town, which makes it a dreadful scene.

Breakie 5

By now the coffee will have cooled enough so it can be sipped between each mouthful. This is an important task as the balance of the breakfast sarnie needs to be in proportion to the amount of coffee sipped. A miss calculation can be a disaster.

Breakie 6

Many times I get asked if the plate should be licked, it’s a difficult decision, if the fknife wasn’t sharp enough then by all means get some licking done, otherwise just sit and stare at the plate and give yourself a pat on your tummy.

Breakie 7

Mission accomplished, shhh…

Is Damp bad for Sarcoidosis?

So, after four years of being very lucky to get where I live, due to being ill – Sarcoidosis. It becomes a lot clearer why various areas within this flat appeared to be simply painted over. Numerous times I have contacted Home Group (my housing association) and still nothing. I have now sent the following photos to them, also the links to the videos. Yes some folks are obviously saying I am making a mistake, but if the housing association – Home Group, wont or indeed can’t fix this leak then I must try move on ASAP…

In October 2013 the Sarcoid started to attack me quite a lot, it then never left me. A few weeks ago it more than started again, but this time I think I know why, or one of the reasons – the damp within my home. Ok, winter can be bad for a healthy person’s lungs, but for those with chronic sarcoidosis – and other conditions that can affect the respiratory system, damp can be dreadful. Stale air can simply take our breath away, suffocating without a bag over my head?

And a decision is being made, because I have a spare room then I get my benefits cut by 14% through the infamous ‘bedroom tax,’ that is a lot from £72.40 per week. I am not a benefits scrounger, my last job was through Leeds Remploy, I know I can and want to work but it has to be appropriate for me. It is being a very bumpy time for me. I have asked Ssafa if they can again help, I never really wanted to ask this fantastic charity but I’m cornered.

In order, this is what is happening. A huge leak from the rainwater drain.

This causes the dripping inside the wall cavity – Chinese torture one might say!?

Then starting in the second bedroom.
Leak 1
Leak 2

And moved into the living room.
Leak 3
Leak 4

All I ask is for my life to be a little level, as my mind is so full I’m struggling to take more.

Prelude | Original composition by The Rook

You guy’s could really turn this inside out. It’s a short intro, but boy is it superb…

My favorite version…

And a good half hour at ‘The Roscoe’ Leeds, starting with that there song, a brilliant gig.

ESA claim on it’s way but…

Well, to be honest the benefit’s have been quite helpful, it’s my company that seem to be dragging their feet. All I need is the SSP1, original sick notes from April 2014 (as that is when the SSP would have run out), and July’s pay slip, as the system will not allow me to print it out.

So, I need EAS sorting before I can get help with my rent and council tax.

Jeez, to be fit and healthy-ish…

How to make the best toasted sandwich

I was going to try keep this really as short as possible due to it being a post rather than page, but. Anyway, smoked bacon and cheese toasted sandwich made super simple with outstanding taste! Do read on, well, you better had or…

Smoked bacon 1
No need for an earlier photo, simply lay the smoked bacon on the bread, and double up those cheese slices.

Smoked bacon 2
Oh, usually we only ‘lube’ the outside of the bread, but this time I decided to butter both side’s, hmmm.

Smoked bacon 3
It ended up being so full the force required was hard work, especially after the use my left hand had been through that very day!

Smoked bacon 4
With my enhanced bass strength left hand it was quite easy, you were all thinking something else!? I’m right handed. And so I went to sit down on my backside shaped bed settee, well, the bed is tucked under and safe. Look, here is what I mean.

Bed settee.
Its really comfy, changed it around last week, loving the colours, just need a few more cushions, grapes and someone to feed me, prefer a lady but, I then heard lots of bubbling, that weren’t my insides! Damn what is that?

Smoked bacon 5
I fell upwards off my settee and through the steam and horrendous sounds of cheese in agony I noticed an orange come yellow substance pouring out of my toasted sandwich machine. It brought memories of ‘The Blob.’

Smoked bacon 6
It still had not stopped cooking, what do I do, erm, sod it…

Smoked bacon 7
Yes let the fucker finish cooking, gorgeous smells – bring on scratch and sniff phones. Oh, its hot, so was/is perfect body Marilyn Monroe ‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Mr president’ I mean come on – did they? Oh, cooking. Chuck the sandwich onto a half wiped plate. Keep some bugs, they are good for us. Where am I, damn…

Smoked bacon 8
After putting a little mayonnaise on the ‘dish’ and a towel folded over your arm, make your way back to that settee.

Smoked bacon 9
Using a little mayonnaise slop it onto the bacon and cheese toasted sandwich, force that huge fork full into your mouth, savour it, hold on, savour it, chew a little more and send it down the hatch, brrrr…

Smoked bacon 10
As tempting as it looks, smells, and seems, erm, and tastes, do not lick the kitchen top, clean it when its gone hard. Can you see the smile???

How to make a very easy wind farm

Nothing really needs to be mentioned about this, the photo say’s it all? especially those tins with sausages!
Oh, they are also stacked at the rear…!

Know the correct time to wash up

It has been asked many times how I do so well in keeping my bills down? First of all, I joined The utility Warehouse and then actually joined the Utility Warehouse ‘family’ erm, though I have not managed to get anyone to join, yet. OK, maybe I might not be a salesman, but I know how to keep my bills low! Please follow this step by step guide on one of the ways to help keep your bills low – er! Check those banners on the erm, left!

Washing up 1
First of all, you need to make sure enough pretty naughty, er, dirty stuff has built up. In this case I had plenty of room on the kitchen top’s but ran out of plates, pans, pots, and the rest, otherwise…

I didn’t show the sink hole filling up, that could have been dangerous.

Washing up 2
I start with glass, then the sharp hunting equipment, followed by cups, small pottery, leading to bigger pottery with hard on shapes positioned on top.

Washing up 3
So, it really doesn’t mean shove everything where they might balance, its actually important to make sure everything can really fit into one. Where possible, and nice and easy, get it all up on top.

Washing up 2
As you slowly start to withdraw in the correct order, do take much care not to pull off anything underneath? Erm, what do you mean this looks like the building up to it photo, huh…

Washing up 4
As with most ‘clean’ folks, do ensure everything has been cleaned and wiped afterwards, this is essential due to potential spreading of, erm, still thinking.

Washing up 5
Erm yes, sink hole problems. Thank you for your time in viewing this very important arsticle.

Menu problem sorted.

Me and technology eh! I had too many menus and so have had to slim line them down a little, but a lot more will be required, erm, and so a few changes to my site will allow some very interesting post’s, but do check the Vague page!!!