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Hats, socks and scarves, colours we love

Colours bring a smile to so many folks, nothing wrong with singular dull colours but I just love getting the crazy and daft colours to show personality is within.

By far the biggest hat I have ever had the pleasure in wearing, when walking around for some reason I do see folks smiling at me, I just can not understand it!

Absolutely the brightest hat I have ever worn, terrific, I will get more over time, these two are LOUDelephant, you should check them out, fantastically warm too, possibly the best natural wool hats available are LOUDelephant, 50 pence per hat also goes to charity.

A few more socks here, all are about 85% cotton, this seems to help with my feet, synthetics can sometimes seem to be a problem, hence all the new clothes especially for work, mind you, some of the smiles I get could be down to my socks!

Socks, hats and scarves, we love colours

For now I guess it is to keep this brief, but then what is that, these vary, though not briefs – thongs, or, hmmm, breath deeply…?

These really do appear my favourite, but then we pull others over our feet and…

What are your best thoughts for lots of colour on the feet? go get them, loving it, and I think folks like us can do the trick!