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Was is a sarcoid attack?

Hmmm, I weren’t going to mention but I guess folks noticed? today seemed to be my first sarcoid attack while working, thing is, is it really classed as a sacoid attack, what is one? if it were a dreadful hangover all day then I would be thankful of it, but it weren’t, I think I know what triggered it, so will, and yet again adjust to fit.

This was last week before the Christmas party, blimey, look at me!!!

Higher courts hearing

218 pages later my case has reached the higher courts for a hearing, obviously if they thought I was out and out correct then I would not need a hearing, it would have gone – yet again – straight to appeal.

I’m super happy to be working, yet all I am trying to prove is that at the initial assessment I was quite ill and was not allowed to work – fact. Atos simply had tick boxes, has he got a serious illness – no, does he take medication that can cause adverse problems – no, whereas in fact both should state yes. Two years ago all I was after was the support to get me to the point of where I am now.

I am certainly not holding my breath with problematic lungs to say I will win this but I know the law is wrong.

Alendronic acid

The worse meds for me seem to be the alendronic acid tablets, I used to take them on a Wednesday but since starting work I changed them to Saturdays, simply because, after I have taken them I can feel pretty rough for too long, thankfully they are just one per week, for those who do not know they are taken first thing with about 500ml of water, and then I must remain upright for a least half an hour, problem being, I forgot on Saturday morning so took it this morning, yes felt quite rough and bed soon, its early but that is certainly not a problem, this sarcoid rests as much as possible.

A little while ago I contacted my consultant about something that was beginning to get too embarrassing, as you can see he reviewed my latest scan, thankfully its not the sarcoid, they reckon the prednisolone can cause gastric problems, but I feel its more to do with the alendronic acid.

Last week I had bacon butties on four mornings, after each time I got some stomach pains, but the morning I had no bacon butty I felt ok, conclusion, I have decided to try something different in the mornings, as I can now sort of afford to do, but it might not be as tasty!

I am terrible with cereal in a morning, in fact any form of early morning breakfast, I aim on taking two breakfast bars with me and probably eat them on the train, its claimed a couple of these cereal breakfast bars in the morning can be really good for you, I will try, even after the bacon butty I felt sweats coming on, so it might be weekend only now!

I’m also going to have one of these Actimel drinks each morning, the overall target is to settle my insides for the working day ahead.

So I need to get appropriate treatment to counter a drug that counters another drug… Proper glad of works disabled toilet, its quiet and I certainly do not feel that embarrassing thought of someone listening to a hideous fart and ‘stuff’ ha…

Socks, hats and scarves, we love colours

For now I guess it is to keep this brief, but then what is that, these vary, though not briefs – thongs, or, hmmm, breath deeply…?

These really do appear my favourite, but then we pull others over our feet and…

What are your best thoughts for lots of colour on the feet? go get them, loving it, and I think folks like us can do the trick!

New additions to my moving on times

I still can not believe my luck, after so many negatives over many years, well, given a chance then a chance gets grasped, squeezed and taken, all part of getting on, the following weekends erm, surprises, well not really but I surprised myself!

I got this for half price, best electric shaver I have ever had, it can be used wet or dry, and so a great video in the rain on Ilkley moor arrives at my thoughts!

The most comfy of footwear, today these Doc Marten dealers got worn in big time, I had a forced run to the bus stop, quite impressed actually as my lungs did not know what had hit them in such a while, oh, they also go with my shrunk jeans!

By far its possibly the best coat I have ever owned, a Bellfield parka, mixing it between a furry mod parka and an M65 military jacket, though I love my Czech jacket, but it looks too new…

Those feet are made for walking

You know the old tune; ‘one of these days they gonna walk all over you’ erm, I forget who it were though? mind you, along with my colourful affray of little cotton socks, well they kind of fit with my superb colour schemes…

To be honest I think they look brilliant, its just to carry some of the true senses through surely! there again, on the inside my feet are not healing just like they should, even with the comfy Doc Martens, its a sarcoid thing, but I have the comfiest pads possible, soon to pick up the prescription cream too…

We must remember that exercising sarcoidosis – within reason – is a very good positive, since getting into work again I need to walk about 50 minutes per day, yes its hard on the feet but we getting that sorted, another benefit is that it helps control the prednisolone weight, as does a decent diet!

I guess they must even be hardly noticed while a toe job happened, hmmm, erm, well a job to clean between the toes – yummy!

Testing for sleep apnea

A few times I woke during the night and felt like something was wrong, I told my main sarcoid consultant and he referred me to the sleep clinic, in years gone by patients had to spend nights in hospital testing for sleep problems, this new piece of kit that I had to wear is called an ARES machine, and yes you must be careful with the spelling! and so I had to spend a few nights in this head gear.

Apparently it test’s for lots of potential problems but certainly its not a dream catcher! I reckon it is better than spending nights in hospital being tested, although the machine does talk to you during the night “You may now adjust the unicorn on your forehead” and it repeats until you do, it says other things but to be honest I can not remember. It has three sensors on the forehead and a nasal cannula which also acts as a sensor. Awaiting results, im sure it will be fine.

Eyes to be scanned and sores on my feet

My eyes are for scanning today, should be ok, though I am going to ask about reactor lenses, its just that the sandpaper feeling of eyelids – especially in sunlight – needs to be sorted, they can also get sore in the office, so its just more advice on how best to work around these issues, then I have the docs this pm, iv started with sores on the ball of my right foot, and a little on my left, very painful, they should have gone by now, I do wear Doc Martens as much as possible, they are superbly comfortable and so I just need some meds for my feet.

Extracting a tooth while being a sarcoid and its treatments

So this is where today and my appointment at the Leeds dental institute brought me; We’re not doing the op, I thought it were just minor, turns out it would have been much more!? its too dangerous, so we will see other options but they would also be reluctant to either bridge or insert a post, both can very easily cause infection.

If they now pull the tooth then the bone wont fill with blood and heal properly, that then spreads which can cause my face to collapse, that’s due to the meds and sarcoid, If they take me off the pred my lungs and hilar lymph nodes fill up in no time so we keeping me on 10mg prednisolone until Jan 14th and then see? its not just the pred, its also the alendronic acid and the phosphors? that are now in my body. Its not a problem, we can take the tooth below the gum and then sort it, im more bothered about a denture flying out when I get performing again!

And so to keep some colour on my feet!

Nice socks again!

To hate or hug, that is the question

And so at very late notice I thankfully decided to go to Jacob’s 18th party, a friend Elvis (he used to have the hair and stuff!) went with me as he knew I can get quite anxious in the presence of my ex wife. So I have decided to keep this post short rather than my typical hate the system crap, well, I am disappointed in the system as regards illness and dads rights.

So many folks have mentioned why have I never hated the ex wife etc. yeah over the years it (the system) has contributed to making me ill, but to be straight to the point, Iv never hated her, very annoyed at how it ended but…

I needed to overcome this, the courage to go shake her hand was immense, the following hug was more, I think an understanding is there, I feel released, I hope to live a long time and try to ignore sarcoid as much as possible, not only that, but knowing I don’t hate the other person that helped create my two fantastic sons is something I feel very good about, too many negatives are on this planet.

Look how that sun shines, im very content yes.