Alendronic acid

The worse meds for me seem to be the alendronic acid tablets, I used to take them on a Wednesday but since starting work I changed them to Saturdays, simply because, after I have taken them I can feel pretty rough for too long, thankfully they are just one per week, for those who do not know they are taken first thing with about 500ml of water, and then I must remain upright for a least half an hour, problem being, I forgot on Saturday morning so took it this morning, yes felt quite rough and bed soon, its early but that is certainly not a problem, this sarcoid rests as much as possible.

A little while ago I contacted my consultant about something that was beginning to get too embarrassing, as you can see he reviewed my latest scan, thankfully its not the sarcoid, they reckon the prednisolone can cause gastric problems, but I feel its more to do with the alendronic acid.

Last week I had bacon butties on four mornings, after each time I got some stomach pains, but the morning I had no bacon butty I felt ok, conclusion, I have decided to try something different in the mornings, as I can now sort of afford to do, but it might not be as tasty!

I am terrible with cereal in a morning, in fact any form of early morning breakfast, I aim on taking two breakfast bars with me and probably eat them on the train, its claimed a couple of these cereal breakfast bars in the morning can be really good for you, I will try, even after the bacon butty I felt sweats coming on, so it might be weekend only now!

I’m also going to have one of these Actimel drinks each morning, the overall target is to settle my insides for the working day ahead.

So I need to get appropriate treatment to counter a drug that counters another drug… Proper glad of works disabled toilet, its quiet and I certainly do not feel that embarrassing thought of someone listening to a hideous fart and ‘stuff’ ha…

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