Mens top 10 turn offs in a woman

What turns men off

If we have to be ever so straight to the point then here are my top ten turn offs, although they would be in any order, they certainly are not mentioned to upset any folks out there, it gets asked often and many skip over the question stating they’re not really too bothered, from my experiences it really does matter, if you think of turn offs too often when with a woman then the chances are she is not for you.

Smoking and drinking too much

Let me be clear here, I’m certainly not anti-smoking or drinking but there’s a time and place, lets take smoking, I really don’t like the stale air smell of smoke in homes, certainly if, erm, when eventually a woman comes to my home smoking will be participated out side. As for alcoholic drink, yes with a nice meal that I will have cooked, when out at pubs and bars then drinking until being out of control is a big no go!

Bad breath

This could follow on from the smoking as kissing a smoker can be terrible; carry that mouth spray I suggest. Bad oral hygiene can give really bad breath, keep up with the teeth and gum cleaning, use inter-dental brushes as well as flossing after a good brushing. We must not forget that bad breath can also be a sign of illness so play caution if your on early dates, she might be ill.


OK ok, the one that women hate to be mentioned but its true, I have exercised most of my life, cycling, walking, and swimming have been the usual, so to meet someone opposite to my size I find difficult, I’m not into the ‘skinny’ look by any means, in fact the hour glass Marilyn Monroe type figure is perfect, not fat, just an ideal maybe size 14 (UK size).

Materialistic chats

I can not stand chats about how big the house or car is, it does completely nothing for me, that includes how they might compare what some folks have to those who don’t, nope, you can keep those chats in your head.

Untidy hair

Really important here, short, medium, long, curly, straight, any colour but if it is not looked after then that’s definitely no good for me. Untidy hair could simply be lack of washing it, having it tendered to at the hair dressers or quite simply just help keep it back in a clip if time is short as it is not a requirement for it to be like a singers hair style!

Dress sense

Now, this could be the opposite to what you think I’m going to say, I’m not overly into women who like to dress in some kind of movie star type clothing’s and stuff, I like unusual clothing, a relaxed look, alternative look, a look that fits in true to how she really feels and not pretend.

No get up and go

Something that can control size really easy, get up and go for walks, bike rides, anything outdoors, make it reasonably strenuous, even going out to see bands at pubs and bars, music is quite big in my life. But a big turn off is those who just don’t like the outdoors, sit in front of the television all night, no thank you, I love it out doors.

Constant chats about an ex

Most of us have probably experienced this, meet a woman and then the conversation eventually turns to an ex and how they don’t like him, what was wrong with him, how he hurt them etc. what I don’t mind is women talking about problems that the system can cause to life, this obviously can involve an ex if children are involved but please keep the emotional attachment in your mobile phone.

Finger and toe nails

Chewed finger nails are absolutely yak, clipped short are fine, or even long is good painted or not, false nails I’m also not overly into, if a women learns to look after and how to file her nails she wont need to wear false. Oh and toe nails, if a woman can chew them I would be very interested, failing that just keeping them looked after!

Too many excuses

“No I can not make that night, oh, or that one too” well you get the drift, we are getting older and wiser, make time for some one you could and might fall in love with, also, when out that constant texting drives me bonkers, put it away and look into my eyes dear!

Perfect for me


Yes some one is out there for all of us, those are my top ten no goes in no particular order, it is not even being too choosy, and it’s just that I refuse to pretend I like someone when in truth I possibly don’t. Something I missed off which used to be a main priority but its no longer at the tops of my list is sex, yes its important, it can be great getting into it again, but it does slow down, its not vital but has to be enjoyable when it happens, phew!!! Now where was I, ah, hear I am…

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