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What is an extreme political party person?

This type of fascist person is someone who appears to have very open views? They will try to start by brainwashing folks – mainly the insecure ones. They will try to convince them that their views they hand out are open minded telling you to slate anyone who thinks differently to your opinion.

Usually they are the first to use discrimination as a form of defence. This old fashioned out of date left middle right ‘wing’ type of person will not only aim at the insecure but those who might find themselves in some sort of minority or maybe craving attention. These 21st century fascists are so arrogant they will try to convince you it is others that are wrong because others do not agree with their ideology. Their pretence is well camouflaged and will make you think they are caring, yes they are, but only for themselves…

Maybe now, the time is arriving when the people should be understanding that these selfish single minded fuckers need to fuck right off.

Fascism is everywhere.
Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP