Sink hole problems

It seems that various sinkholes around the planet we call earth do cause problems, from the massive deep ones that swallow homes, to the much smaller ones that folks can get a foot stuck in.

Just lately sink hole problems have been appearing in a certain unmentioned area of Low Mill village near Addingham, not far from Ilkley, where the legend of the Cow and Calf rocks are. The following photos are the first images of this phenomena from the restricted area in Low mill village.

Do continue with caution as some bits within the images can be quite disturbing.

Sink 1
Here we can see what appears to be something trying to escape from one of those holes within the sink hole, its unknown what happened to this as the owner refused to co-operate.

Sink 2
Its very odd how another particle appears to be trying to escape the force of what seems to drag bits down the holes within the sink hole, the owner bluntly mentioned to go where the sun doesn’t shine – again.

Sink 3
Looking at this the holes seem to have spread, so many holes within the sinks sink hole, within the main sink hole, erm. This shot is truly amazing. The owner went quiet but insisted that they are not greasy at all, and in fact its camera tricks.

Sink 4
The smells of this sink hole could really be imagined, but, they weren’t imagined, also it appears very similar to another. Agitated the owner said it is the sink hole phenomena, they can be very alike, just like haemorrhoids (piles Mr Layman) on different people, at this point the owner bent over…

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