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Simply put, Stuart Briggs’s V – BLIP is a party with a difference. The growing manifesto includes…

  • Minimum wage £10/hour.
  • A maximum wage of ten times the minimum paid in that particular sector.
  • Providing all targets are met the working week will be reduced to 35hrs. For hourly paid employees anything above 35hrs is overtime paid at the hourly rate plus 50%, for salaried employees it is paid at 33% of calculated hourly rate, yet no more than 50hrs are allowed to be worked within that week.
  • Everyone to donate 1% of salary to their given charity.
  • Large scale home building on brown belt land.
  • Eliminate homelessness.
  • Eliminate food wastage.
  • Eliminate foodbanks.
  • New boundaries ensuring even less MP’s.
  • House of lords scrapped.
  • Hinckley point scrapped, that investment is to go on renewable energies, after all the UK is an Island.
  • Trident to go ahead.
  • Third carrier and support vessels to be built, all three carriers to have at least 50% of its air fleet capacity operational.
  • Where appropriate equal parenting rights for dads after a relationship breakdown.
  • For child abusers, murderers and death by dangerous driving, life really does mean a life in prison.
  • Child allowances to cover two children maximum, unless in the case of unavoidable twins or triplets birth etc.
  • Cycling to become part of the national curriculum.


Scrapping all that political correctness shite.

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