Messed up head makes similar music

Here we have a variant of music. In 2004, when the head fell to one side, then writing took a huge step to the other side. I have never heard a song with the same riff that can describe two thoughts. If you are patient then listen to both fucked up riffs, if anyone has been there, then you will understand the whole craziness of both songs. Only needed is six minutes of your precious time to work out what ‘DGU’ means? just listen to them two, and then the other two…

01 DGU 1
If you get through this, then just see how different the next is with the same riff, opposites can be the same???

07 DGU 2
Are they not in the real world that many of use knew and know? if not, then try the next song!

03 Misty
Ok, six minutes, then I lied! That one above explains the something in between the previous songs, or not? The final one just for hear within this page here was by Russ, I put the riff to it, 2004, I owe Russ, texted him tonight, hope he understands, a very nice geezer he was/is, ‘The Lemon Song’

Russ wrote the words, my riff, no name to song
I love this, so much more could also be done with it, 2004. Russell Greaves, top and helpful man, real geezer, I still owe you.

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