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The Magnum, live at Delius lived next door

Two videos of original tracks here, yet another brilliant up and coming young band from Bradford, are we about to see a resurgence of some greatly needed alternative rock and roll music from this country!?

I love how YouTube get rid of the shakiness, it adds a whole new dimension to these alternative songs, very impressed guys!

Pure absolute power…

Umphhh, that is all I can say, a perfect blend of the 300 Watt Marshall cab and the 150 Watt Bugera head – brilliance, I cant hear what your saying…

Tonight will be sooo good, Matts band supporting Jacobs band at Delius lived next door, cant wait, a first of its kind with much to follow.

My Matt’s school concert

Last Thursday evening was Matt’s school performance thing, so wish I had remembered to take my digital camera, hence I need a decent phone, I can not even find where the videos are stored in it!

This is the ticket, OK that’s obvious! taken when I got home, the show impressed me, Matt was with most of the acts – or so it seemed.

Sorry about the quality Son, if I zoomed in closer the quality got really shit, you were brilliant.

Matthew Briggs!

I bet that you look good on the dancefloor

Superb couple of minutes sounding very underground indeed, carry on guys, your needed!