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You can exercise your sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis can put many folks off exercising, its understandable due to the difficulties sarcoid can put us through. Something that puts sufferers off is the initial get up and do it, you can it! I explain how I try and work through my exercising here, you to really can, have a view.

Bike ride!

Today was my first bike ride of 2012, here are the details; Home, Ilkley, Nesfield, Addingham, Home, Dist; 10.69 Time; 1:05.57 Ave 9.7 A little breezy with the nice temperature and sun out. Keep an eye out for my eventual up and coming Sarcoidosis and exercise article.

Ten easy tips on how to lose blubber weight

As I ‘bang’ on weight I decided on these ten top tips on weight loss and management, most of us go there don’t we, those times of the year, leading up to birthdays, holidays, Christmas and the likes, need to get that weight off in an impossible four weeks, depressed because you gained even more weight and then the cycle carries on. Well, by following these 10 very easy and cheap tips to lose and control weight you can be onto a winner, its all common sense, nothing to it, you do not need the gym, just plan around your hour, everyday, every month, get into a weight control positive habit now, right here.