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Bradford City I love You…

So, I must not harp on! Bradford City to be taken over by a couple of German guys.

Chairmen Mark and Julian have been the Bear Grylls of Bradford City Association Football Club. They kept us alive, we survived, then moved onward to upwards. Two Wembley trips and promotion, jeez! Huge thanks, but still the few doom and gloom idiots look at it as gloom and doom…

As for the new owners, please make sure you understand the passion we have for our club

In no particular order, I would like Valley Parade to be bought and owned by the club. Phil and staff have been brilliant on next to no investment, so, they need a chance if investment comes. For sure I do not want a Geoff Richmond philosophy of spend, get us to the premiership, and after two seasons at the tier top, drop, drop, drop and not forgetting the two busted times! Gibb, erm, he had making some ‘cash’ out of City on his agenda – twat.

Welcome Mr Edin Rahic and Mr Stefan Rupp to Bradford City – love us.

Bradford City Football Club

I can’t believe the negatives that are going on with a section of ‘supporters’ jeez.

The club suffered with that failed takeover fiasco. That was a huge contribution to the end of last season and through to this pre and now season. Imagine tempting players to a club that was almost taken over. This is NOT Phil Parkinson and his management’s fault. It isn’t the chairmen’s fault (as they try do what is best for the club).

I’m frustrated with this start to the 2015-16 season, but the last four years have been terrific.

Valley Parade with my sons 14th September 2013

This game turned out to be really tough, once Wells had scored we thought it was going to be another walkover, we could see it on the pitch too. Colchester were very physical whereas the Bantams like to pass the ball about. At half time we were losing 2:1. The second half we were a different team, Wells scored the equalizer with a brilliant looping header, we could not believe the ball went in. A very worthy point but we are not going to win every home game!

VP with lads

Bradford City beat Sheffield 2:0

This was the bantams first home ‘derby’ and what a game, talk about fast, this was contested at huge speed. Its like teams have to fight their way out of league two but play their way out of league one, its going to be a great season. Wells with a well taken strike on the verge of half time, and after De Vita had his fantastic shot stop Wells was waiting to ‘bobble’ the ball towards us. Wells 2, Sheffield Utd 0.
Matt tired
Matt was very tired after having a few late nights with his pals, but the chanting soon woke him up!

Bradford City thrashed Carlisle 4:0

What a pretty good and welcome start to the football league 1 season for Bradford City, a huge win over Carlisle, Yeates with a fantastic drive, Wells with an incredible tight angled shot, Hanson using his wrong foot and Jones beating the goalie towards us!

Jacob and me 1

Jacob and me 2
A good few pints before the game went down very well.