Bradford City I love You…

So, I must not harp on! Bradford City to be taken over by a couple of German guys.

Chairmen Mark and Julian have been the Bear Grylls of Bradford City Association Football Club. They kept us alive, we survived, then moved onward to upwards. Two Wembley trips and promotion, jeez! Huge thanks, but still the few doom and gloom idiots look at it as gloom and doom…

As for the new owners, please make sure you understand the passion we have for our club

In no particular order, I would like Valley Parade to be bought and owned by the club. Phil and staff have been brilliant on next to no investment, so, they need a chance if investment comes. For sure I do not want a Geoff Richmond philosophy of spend, get us to the premiership, and after two seasons at the tier top, drop, drop, drop and not forgetting the two busted times! Gibb, erm, he had making some ‘cash’ out of City on his agenda – twat.

Welcome Mr Edin Rahic and Mr Stefan Rupp to Bradford City – love us.

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