Should Nothing be Mentioned?

In erm, 1978 or 79? I remember walking home with Nigel T. We had been to the then Windhill Cricket clubs resident erm bar-staff? It was the Edmundson’s, their home which was supplied by the club. We’d had a great laugh. Long story cut to the main bit. As me and Nigel (Nigel and I in ‘proper’ terms!}. as me and Nigel got to 281, my mother was standing at the top of the steps.

OK she was probably worried as it was about 11:30pm. She almost pushed me down the steps, that I didn’t like, got to the kitchen, started taking my shoes off, then I hear this mad shouting – dad I thought, ffs. It goes somewhat blank, but I remember at the door, the wall, and seeing my sister with her then boyfriend – now husband, they had gone to the steps to see what was going on – I remember looking at them.

Sat on my bed looking into the mirror, I was trying to work out what had happened the night before. My ‘dad’ came in to try say something.

Too late fucker, you fucked with my mind and body that previous night.

‘Stop it Keith you’ll kill him’ it knocks around my head more than ever what his wife said.

So, about 20 years later, my ex wife witnessed something similar, I should have stopped it. At that point she decided that seeing my parents/family was a low priority, but I couldn’t understand why – as what she witnessed was normal, wasn’t it…

I feel quite uneasy writing this.

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