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Headingley time

Had a few good hours with Matt and Jacob. Reds BBQ restaurant and then onto the pub, Check the pubs light shades, superb!

Headingley 1

Headingley 2

Chicks on their way

So, these guys have grown loads, which means I must post earlier videos, and get my window (correctly) ready!

Snow on the weir

Well what a nice capture, Low Mill Weir. Though I’m looking forward to the spring and some warmer weather, the prettiness of snow can be caught really well – but where are my ducks?

Weir snow

Bradford City thrash Leeds UTD

Oh what a game – thank’s to Capital One and the free tickets Jacob won! This capture say’s it all!
City smash Leeds

Ch ch changes and great stuff’s…

At the 2014 Galtres Parkland festival, well it was – IMHO, that ‘The Rook‘ would win the AMP awards grand final, boy it seemed they smashed it! Over at the R and B festival in Colne, well I couldn’t stop thinking that important time of day; the Sunday at 15:00 hrs! Then a little later I felt so very emotional and happy upon Jacob’s phone call. Super impressed guys and so mega chuffed. Not only are the lower steps now climbed, indeed you can knock it very far, jeez…

Galtres 2014 The Rook

A great afternoon with Andy

Last Saturday 31st August I actually went out on my bike, it certainly might not have happened if Andy had not decided to meet me in Ilkley, that meant he had about 15 miles to get there and me just the two! At my immense speed we rode on the very quiet back lanes through Nesfield, until we meet the busy A59. A short rest then down to the Bolton bridge roundabout. After carefully negotiating the exit for Bolton Abbey it was back onto relatively quiet roads.

We did turn right to head straight down to the Cav Pavilion, but some cows had blocked the road, thankfully they were not chained to anything, erm, for some reason I thought of the suffragettes’ hmmm… I actually felt quite glad as this meant the decision was taken to ride further on for the turning to strid wood. As  that right turning was taken we decided to stop off at the delightful Dusty Bluebells, what a gorgeous cafe’ it is, in fact it really does seem to offer much more than that.
It says it all
In order we had Galaxy ice cream followed steak pie, I know, its the wrong order but the fresh orange washed it down well!

After our (my!) well earned rest we pushed and carried our bikes down to the strid, absolutely stunning scenery. As we approached it was the lowest I had ever seen it.
Srid jump 3
Still as it may appear, the depth and under currents are deadly, folks have lost their life after trying to jump the narrowest points, its only a few feet but covered in moss, a grappling hook is nearby just in case someone does fall in! Though I do know someone who has jumped it.

Talking of trying to cross, Andy was going to attempt some kind of bunny-hop, by wearing the spd clipless pedals you could actually pull up on the bike really hard and get over it, but, its still as deep as two double decker buses!
Strid Jump 2


Because I have powerfully built legs I decided to think about the other option of running and launching myself right into the water of the river Wharfe…
Strid jump 1


Deciding to walk with the bikes the mile or so to the Cavendish pavilion, we put the world into how best it should be run, and certainly not all impossible at all! We have some of the best countryside in the world, though so many complain I actually like living in the United Kingdom, I can not imaging living anywhere else.
Strid jump 4

Not stopping off at the cafe’ we rode back to my flat, although I had one weeks washing up stacked, and had not vacuumed, or dusted, or well, it keeps the bills down, but its not too bad for a single lad! After more true stories Andy had to head off for his remaining 15 miles. I had covered 18, and some of that was walking, still very healthy for my Prednisoloned’ bones – arrggghhhh…


A few types of this are available in my land of, but, yesterday was an internal interview for a ‘planning’ type position within my company, thoughts are that I might have been too informal, but, most questions were based on the 5Cs, hmmm, I can certainly lecture on that! Fingers crossed eh…

Oh, progression, today I had a bone scan, just to see how much the Prednisolone has messed them up, yet it must be remembered, exercise that osteoporosis, exercise sarcoidosis, exercise that there mind.

Back in Work!

Just need to say, back end of this March I started being a pain on a few fronts, especially at work, last October and through Leeds Remploy, Enterprise PLC gave me a brilliant chance of getting back into work, and so my behaviour from March was a little on the odd side, we know why, its a massive positive, my thanks goes out to them for the support.

I’m trying you know.

Today I was reminded; “If your ill then you should not be working” sort of don’t feel too good about that, £6:60/hr, im surprised as im supposed to be supported and not pushed…

Tell you what again

Iv so much to write, about so much! but, this has been the coldest winter in ages, in longer than my 48 years, its my first winter working while being a rare sarcoid, this past week iv been learning some pretty tough new skills at work, enjoyed, its been a superb challenge, but then I get home and just need to regenerate my own heat and eventually hit the bed.

Lets have a reminder of the weather towards the end of March 2013…

What appear like hot ash plunging to earth is simply my phones flash against the falling snow.

What appears like a street light is simply the flash against the near horizontal snowing!

Yet the same week in March 2012 I performed the following song, my own song about Sarcoidosis, the only song about sarcoidosis on our gorgeous planet, aptly named too…

Memories of a gorgeous March day.