Tell you what again

Iv so much to write, about so much! but, this has been the coldest winter in ages, in longer than my 48 years, its my first winter working while being a rare sarcoid, this past week iv been learning some pretty tough new skills at work, enjoyed, its been a superb challenge, but then I get home and just need to regenerate my own heat and eventually hit the bed.

Lets have a reminder of the weather towards the end of March 2013…

What appear like hot ash plunging to earth is simply my phones flash against the falling snow.

What appears like a street light is simply the flash against the near horizontal snowing!

Yet the same week in March 2012 I performed the following song, my own song about Sarcoidosis, the only song about sarcoidosis on our gorgeous planet, aptly named too…

Memories of a gorgeous March day.

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