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It’s all about rice, isn’t it?

So much mentioned, so, here I go. Knock me up if I can’t!

Erm, tin of cherry tomatoes and the day, of the day old tub? It’s like, I thought about spewing something to each photo – that might still happen! The photos can obviously be followed like a silent movie… I will post ‘eating’ later – if I live.

No insult intent (allowed) – dammed PC lots!

Ah, more below those that are below now – stages.

R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6



Pretty similar but the fork is going in, to eat, a little.


Thinking about bed, the food is cooling but, think I will sleep for a few days? Erm, food is served…

More later.

Simply the best, breakfast sandwich!

Well, just view this in progress sandwich. How to make the biggest, best, fullest breakfast sarnie possible. Timing is crucial as it all needs to be hot, and the coffee just at the correct temperature as you work your way through the sandwhich. Feeling hungry, hmmm…

Firstly make a coffee, it can then be cooling during the mission of building the sandwich.

Then the frying starts. With the onions carefully positioned, it is best to slice the sausages as they are easier to control for task of transferring to the bread.

Breakie 1

While the frying takes place stick the potato thingy’s into the oven. As can be seen they need to be on a tray and strategically placed to the oven middle, do use oven gloves or some of your skin will get stuck.

Breakie 2

Making sure the bread has had something spread on it, ensure the sausages get to the edges, this is vital as they need tasting in every bite and the sauce does not soak into the bread.

Breakie 3

Once everything is cramped on, then, and only then should the potato thingy’s be placed at very good angles. If you get problems use the mathematical formula BODMAS.

Breakie 4

When slicing, the knife needs to be sharp as fuck, otherwise the cut just does not go smooth and the internal gets savagely town, which makes it a dreadful scene.

Breakie 5

By now the coffee will have cooled enough so it can be sipped between each mouthful. This is an important task as the balance of the breakfast sarnie needs to be in proportion to the amount of coffee sipped. A miss calculation can be a disaster.

Breakie 6

Many times I get asked if the plate should be licked, it’s a difficult decision, if the fknife wasn’t sharp enough then by all means get some licking done, otherwise just sit and stare at the plate and give yourself a pat on your tummy.

Breakie 7

Mission accomplished, shhh…

How to make the best toasted sandwich

I was going to try keep this really as short as possible due to it being a post rather than page, but. Anyway, smoked bacon and cheese toasted sandwich made super simple with outstanding taste! Do read on, well, you better had or…

Smoked bacon 1
No need for an earlier photo, simply lay the smoked bacon on the bread, and double up those cheese slices.

Smoked bacon 2
Oh, usually we only ‘lube’ the outside of the bread, but this time I decided to butter both side’s, hmmm.

Smoked bacon 3
It ended up being so full the force required was hard work, especially after the use my left hand had been through that very day!

Smoked bacon 4
With my enhanced bass strength left hand it was quite easy, you were all thinking something else!? I’m right handed. And so I went to sit down on my backside shaped bed settee, well, the bed is tucked under and safe. Look, here is what I mean.

Bed settee.
Its really comfy, changed it around last week, loving the colours, just need a few more cushions, grapes and someone to feed me, prefer a lady but, I then heard lots of bubbling, that weren’t my insides! Damn what is that?

Smoked bacon 5
I fell upwards off my settee and through the steam and horrendous sounds of cheese in agony I noticed an orange come yellow substance pouring out of my toasted sandwich machine. It brought memories of ‘The Blob.’

Smoked bacon 6
It still had not stopped cooking, what do I do, erm, sod it…

Smoked bacon 7
Yes let the fucker finish cooking, gorgeous smells – bring on scratch and sniff phones. Oh, its hot, so was/is perfect body Marilyn Monroe ‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Mr president’ I mean come on – did they? Oh, cooking. Chuck the sandwich onto a half wiped plate. Keep some bugs, they are good for us. Where am I, damn…

Smoked bacon 8
After putting a little mayonnaise on the ‘dish’ and a towel folded over your arm, make your way back to that settee.

Smoked bacon 9
Using a little mayonnaise slop it onto the bacon and cheese toasted sandwich, force that huge fork full into your mouth, savour it, hold on, savour it, chew a little more and send it down the hatch, brrrr…

Smoked bacon 10
As tempting as it looks, smells, and seems, erm, and tastes, do not lick the kitchen top, clean it when its gone hard. Can you see the smile???

A gorgeous sandwich made really easy

Just thought I would share these brilliant sandwiches, breath deep, yes they smelled and tasted lovely…

Hmmm sandwich.
Here is a simple tuna, cucumber and red onion all squashed with mayonnaise. Getting even my mouth big enough was a huge problem.

Hmmm sandwich 1
My mouth is dripping at the thought of this one, pink salmon, cucumber and red onion with a good amount of mayonnaise. So much was left in the mixer that I just had to eat that first. Yes I removed plenty of that butter!

Hmmm sandwich 2
I don’t seem to know of any folks who would have some of the following mix but the cheese spread, red onion and even cucumber worked a treat!!!

Food on the knees

One thing about making lots of bulk meals, when one has been dragged out of the freezer and forced into the casserole dish, been in the oven for about one hour at about 180 degrees, this is something else in gas, erm, oh yes, we simply let it cool a little, squirt a lot of juicy tomato sauce into the side and tuck in, what a way on keeping the bills down, ah, but, hmmm, oh well…

Garlic skins to eat

Something here, most folks do strip garlic and chuck the insides in, but do folks know, yes they usually strip skins and then eat the insides, yet most skins actually have the most goodness, including garlic, hmmm…

That first Sainsbury’s delivery

Possibly the largest shop I have ever achieve as a single, on my own, not lonely though definitely good looking Dad, this cost £70.60 after a Utility Warehouse £10 voucher (in-depth article on them later), it got me an awful lot, cooking directions will follow, and at that super cheap way to cook loads that only I seem to do as a real on-line person!

Here you can see my waste bin, a Woolovers plastic packaging bag hanging on a cupboard handle, the thing is, behind that cupboard door is a rear mounted bin – that still needs mounting.

The best lime juice I have ever twitched to, mega burst when thirsty catches me in the night, also decided to store these root vegetables like they are meant to be stored, in a cool dark area – so they say, but the cupboard might be too warm, hmmm?

Yes correct, the fridge bulb light has blown up, but just look how all that is stuffed in there, proper impressed with it all.

Jar of curry sauce needs replacing with fresh cooked sauce, something I need to get better, erm, learn. Main thing here is not the spreads that are in plentiful but those four tins of Glenryck pilchards, two per week, meant to be good for my heart, its easy to forget about that problem too, but thankfully it reminds me ha!

And so that is the main once per month Sainsbury’s delivery shop, the next is booked for this arriving Saturday, but, that is more of a top up shop at around £50, and so, we have one big main cooking shop, and then a smaller top up shop at a total of about £130 per month, that’s still cheap, I really have learnt to live cheap but healthy these last couple of years, yes im working now!

I really can and do multi task!

Just a little proof here, but honestly, cooking and ironing together is great therapy…

This is the biggest, deepest flat pie I have ever made, usually I cook it in two oven dish things and turn it into four, this time I decided to cram it all into one, I think it worked.

In between all that cooking of stuff I did do the ironing, one thing you need to remember, always iron your clothes while slightly damp, it works a treat, erm, ok, the photo is a little blurred but I were rushing!

I actually do love cooking, this is one of the best flat pies ever, simply because I crammed everything into one dish, divide it by four and felt hungry.

Can you smell them?

How to make a huge salad sandwich easy

So much is mentioned about folks getting the five per day, erm, obviously not sex, that would be more like one per five years! no, the mind drifts, im talking the biggest best salad sandwich that will give you between two and three of your five per day, just follow these messy guidelines, all for about £2 and you wont go wrong!

All you need is four slices of long lasting type brown bread, wholemeal I think its called, hmmm, all supermarkets call it differing names – obviously! oh, and butter a side each, not both sides now, and just throw loads of sweet crispy salad on there, don’t be shy!

These salad sandwiches are nice and fat, the problems now start with just trying to drop them into the tub, they do slide about a little due to the quantity of the honey and mustard dressing, but it only has a couple of days before it turns to penicillin and so you well understand that it needs using, using up…!

The end game would result in one winner, the lid with the sheer force on my helping it, these are huge and tasty sandwiches, can you smell them, hmmm, oh, its my chicken and mash in the oven.

Chicken curry with a large side salad

I know, I know, Ok! but it tasted gorgeous, its really not something to mix, never mind a huge amount of it, yes cold slow slapped massively on the side of my curry – home cooked! my mouth is watering just thinking about it, try it, go on, just do it…