How to make the best toasted sandwich

I was going to try keep this really as short as possible due to it being a post rather than page, but. Anyway, smoked bacon and cheese toasted sandwich made super simple with outstanding taste! Do read on, well, you better had or…

Smoked bacon 1
No need for an earlier photo, simply lay the smoked bacon on the bread, and double up those cheese slices.

Smoked bacon 2
Oh, usually we only ‘lube’ the outside of the bread, but this time I decided to butter both side’s, hmmm.

Smoked bacon 3
It ended up being so full the force required was hard work, especially after the use my left hand had been through that very day!

Smoked bacon 4
With my enhanced bass strength left hand it was quite easy, you were all thinking something else!? I’m right handed. And so I went to sit down on my backside shaped bed settee, well, the bed is tucked under and safe. Look, here is what I mean.

Bed settee.
Its really comfy, changed it around last week, loving the colours, just need a few more cushions, grapes and someone to feed me, prefer a lady but, I then heard lots of bubbling, that weren’t my insides! Damn what is that?

Smoked bacon 5
I fell upwards off my settee and through the steam and horrendous sounds of cheese in agony I noticed an orange come yellow substance pouring out of my toasted sandwich machine. It brought memories of ‘The Blob.’

Smoked bacon 6
It still had not stopped cooking, what do I do, erm, sod it…

Smoked bacon 7
Yes let the fucker finish cooking, gorgeous smells – bring on scratch and sniff phones. Oh, its hot, so was/is perfect body Marilyn Monroe ‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Mr president’ I mean come on – did they? Oh, cooking. Chuck the sandwich onto a half wiped plate. Keep some bugs, they are good for us. Where am I, damn…

Smoked bacon 8
After putting a little mayonnaise on the ‘dish’ and a towel folded over your arm, make your way back to that settee.

Smoked bacon 9
Using a little mayonnaise slop it onto the bacon and cheese toasted sandwich, force that huge fork full into your mouth, savour it, hold on, savour it, chew a little more and send it down the hatch, brrrr…

Smoked bacon 10
As tempting as it looks, smells, and seems, erm, and tastes, do not lick the kitchen top, clean it when its gone hard. Can you see the smile???

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