2024 it’s March 10th

Well obviously I no longer post much on here. This site is approaching 20 years old, it has covered so much of my life and by the time I’m 60 I hoped my posting would have increased for the better.

Anyways, thought I would try something different. Last week I joined Tinder, paid about £20 for a month, put in the age range of 50 – 62. It seems pretty much most of the women were asking to meet fellas with own home and own car, I do have a little 18 year old Suzuki, works well for me and to get me out and about. They also say must enjoy travelling – the world and be solvent – very, I have never sniffed glue, whats that all about. Needless to say I deleted the membership after about 5 days.

I found it quite depressing, I have two wonderful successful sons and absolutely nothing else to show for my life apart from Sarcoidosis and my mental health issues. I’ve been trying to get back into doing music and writing though I find it’s a very lonely place though still trying to.

July 27th I am 60 years old, I were thinking about a party though I have decided against this, in fact reaching 60 does not interest me at all, for those who say put things into perspective, I leave that to DaVinci.

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