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The Rook ‘Ont Sofa’

This fantastic unplugged performance by The Rook. The ‘Ont Sofa‘ sessions are getting very popular Enjoy this performance…

Prelude | Original composition by The Rook

You guy’s could really turn this inside out. It’s a short intro, but boy is it superb…

My favorite version…

And a good half hour at ‘The Roscoe’ Leeds, starting with that there song, a brilliant gig.

Ch ch changes and great stuff’s…

At the 2014 Galtres Parkland festival, well it was – IMHO, that ‘The Rook‘ would win the AMP awards grand final, boy it seemed they smashed it! Over at the R and B festival in Colne, well I couldn’t stop thinking that important time of day; the Sunday at 15:00 hrs! Then a little later I felt so very emotional and happy upon Jacob’s phone call. Super impressed guys and so mega chuffed. Not only are the lower steps now climbed, indeed you can knock it very far, jeez…

Galtres 2014 The Rook

Galtres Parkland Festival with ‘The Rook’

Good luck to The Rook at Galtres Parklands festival, absorb the greatness and what will eventually be your living guys!!!

Unconditional offer

Very well done to Jacob on achieving your Leeds College of Music offer, unconditional at that. Amazing son and well done. I’m very, very chuffed.

Jacob the rook

The Rook live on BCB Radio 106.6 fm

Slightly late of me annoucing Dan Carroll’s midnight session. A fantastic one hour performance by Bradford’s very own AMP award winners ‘The Rook’
The Rook, Saltaire
Tune in and hear some of the best original music to come out of Yorkshire in a very long time. The best music to eventually come out of the UK for a long time is certainly on the cards…

The Rook in competion

Just a little article about Tuesday 8th April 2014.

The Rook 1

Venue is Bradford’s St Georges Hall.

The Rook 2

Event is the AMP Awards competition for the district.

The Rook performed three songs, absolutely brilliant and this is the order of playing;

And the winners were…

The Rook!

The Rook winners

Which means they are at the grand final in the August bank holiday weekend of Galtres Parklands Festival, Duncombe Park, Helmsley.

AMP grand final
This will be a fantastic weekend. Keep your eyes and ears well opened for one of the best bands to be arriving out of Yorkshire since, hmmm, in my opinion, well before the Artic Monkeys!

The Cockpit 22nd November 2013

What a show, all acts were good, yet we were certainly blown away with just how much ‘The Rook’ have come on in just a year, an absolutely brilliant show being the main support act to the Vendettas EP launch, with some very flash playing! These guys have what it takes, all own original songs, very well wrote, average age is just 19, get yourselves to see them at the earliest possible chance!
The Rook 1

The Rook 2

The Rook 3

The Rook 22nd November 2013 The Cockpit

The Rook are main support act at this sell out gig, they are supporting the Vendettas EP ‘Remember that kid’ launch. Its going to be superb, followed by the Carpe Diem on the 23rd, absolutely take Leeds by storm boys!