Which animals and creatures mate and stay together for life

Mate together for life

A life together? together for life? It’s a tough one is this but below you can view some of the creatures that mate for life! With divorce rates forever increasing (they will decrease as marriages decline!) who would have thought that Great Britain’s Royal family would feel the full force of a dysfunctional family environment? I do think prince Charles sons coped fantastic after the tragic death of their mum princess Diana, William and Harry do appear more in-touch with society.

Times have changed hugely for the royal family; Charles, Andrew, and Anne have all had problems with married life and all divorced, maybe to a lesser degree Edward. One would have thought with all the security of wealth, friends and family they would be able to stay within that first marriage.

Materialistic wealth, does this really create security though? We all certainly need cash flow and for those who say money doesn’t matter – it does! But it rings to thought of others that do stay together throughout a mating life, and I’m not talking human beings!

The following creatures all stay together throughout life’s journey, a journey that can have difficulties mainly brought by those who struggle to stay together, Humans…


These renowned for their magnificent travels at high altitude, these huge travels never change as they will always find their way back to the starting point, and mate with the life long partner. Bonding happens between male and females over a number of years before breeding.

Bald eagles

United States of America’s emblem, the Bald Eagles will stay with the same partner for life, unlike humans these creatures will not part unless death or unable to conceive occurs but still a very low percentage compared to the humans.

Prairie voles

Rodents usually carry the tags for breeding anywhere with anyone of its type, the prairie voles buck that fashion. Huddle and grooming each other these little life long mates share the responsibilities of looking after and raising the young.


Will travel in packs of the male and female with their young.  This bonded family life remains completely trusting which can otherwise not be mentioned for humans.

Turtle doves

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Turtle doves are in the Christmas carol to show devoted faith to each other.  Inspiring Shakespeare’s “The Phoenix and the Turtle.”

French angelfish

The four second fish memory must be flawed as these angelfish remember their partner for life. They do everything in pairs including hunting and defending not just like mates but also a team.


Unlike most species males and females are very similar in size, the male does not dominate, and they seem to work things out together within their life time together. A characteristic is that they differ strongly in colour.

Black vultures

Looking like leather and ever so much a dinosaur, you can say the terminology ‘looks are not everything’ really does have a ring to it.  Vultures are known to vigorously attack other vultures if they appear to be interfering with ones mate.


In the UK these are protected by the Queen.  They are very affectionate to each other with lots of bodily contact, usually with their necks in the shape of a heart while touching and comforting each other – gracefully.


Kate and William Friday April 29th 2011 and let’s stick together; will they buck the trend of Charles, Andrew and Anne? They have known each other since around 2001 and in old fashioned terms perhaps we would like to call it ‘courting.’ In 2007 they had some kind of split but were this rightly so to give them some space, usually works for some folks who love each other, or does it?

I would give Prince William and Kate Middleton the full backing and benefit of the doubt; they both appear modern in that they have not been brought together by families that think they will make a good couple, hence what has happened in the past trying to keep the ‘Royal blood.’ I don’t like the idea of trying to keep it in the family!!!

Yes that song Bryan Ferry’s cover of Wilbert Harrisons lets stick together, why oh why did Jerry Hall leave Bryan for Mick Jagger, does it go back to folks leaving nice folks to meet a little roughness in someone, but of course it all again ends up being too late as we know what Mick carried doing, too late Jerry – Bryan was and still is a nice fella!!!

For king and country

Time will tell but I believe the UK needs a settled future King and his Queen, its not going to be Charles as the Queen will probably hang on until William is ready.  which brings me to a couple more creature mates for life.


I know what you must be thinking, but the Queen termite stays with the King termite for life, giving birth to the entire colony which in turn looks after the happy couple.

Schistosoma mansoni worms

Entangled in the humans they inhibit they are also much more loyal to each other, they reproduce within the human body and stay together until the cycle is complete.

Hope you enjoyed the entertainment!

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