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Scarves, hats and socks, love we colours!

The thing is; we mainly dress to approve, we dress for the mood, we dress to say and we dress any which way, do we dress to improve? I think so yes, we can dress smart no problem, but to keep some of that humour, the body changes but the mind still creates;

I dread summer as it means no scarves, what a bind, but to keep cool, clothing is there, the nomads used scarves in the desert, erm, I think? hats, hmmm, its an old wives tale that wearing hats in the summer lost your hair, it really just is not true, what about all those women with, hmmm, what did they call them, after being to the hair dressers, arrggghhhh, you know, looked like fishing nets on the head?

I have no chance of ever being a fisherman, although I once had a ‘fisher’ and walked home from the hospital after treatment, what a pile of, that is another Stu story!

Hats, socks and scarves, colours we love

Colours bring a smile to so many folks, nothing wrong with singular dull colours but I just love getting the crazy and daft colours to show personality is within.

By far the biggest hat I have ever had the pleasure in wearing, when walking around for some reason I do see folks smiling at me, I just can not understand it!

Absolutely the brightest hat I have ever worn, terrific, I will get more over time, these two are LOUDelephant, you should check them out, fantastically warm too, possibly the best natural wool hats available are LOUDelephant, 50 pence per hat also goes to charity.

A few more socks here, all are about 85% cotton, this seems to help with my feet, synthetics can sometimes seem to be a problem, hence all the new clothes especially for work, mind you, some of the smiles I get could be down to my socks!