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Trying to explain cpap?

Few years ago I started to stop breathing during the night, many folks do but it is usually blamed on being overweight, especially obese. When I started being ill and finally diagnosed as being a sarcoid in 2010 my weight had dropped to about 8st and in kilograms it’s something else, I was put on prednisolone (Steroids, still am) and later azathioprine (chemotherapy, still am). At my peak I was on 40mg/day pred, this was for about two months. In that time I should have got massive yet I didn’t but I did get up to the weight of now which is about 85k and in stones it’s something else.

That weight is over the advised but my bloods are now the best since 2010, though overweight I should have been massive, obviously this points to the sarcoidosis being active, very active. So, my night time breathing became a problem. It now needs cleaning and filtered but the cpap stopped the breathing difficulties. What has started happening, I feel like my body powers down then next thing I’m wide awake bouncing around on my bed, after what feels like a shock. I think my heart has started to stop beating during the night, something electrical? gets it going again, it really is an immense experience and to be honest it does not scare me.

I will book into the doctors even though I start at the Harrogate hospital on June 12th 2018. It’s more than probable that at 53 years of age yet living in an old body is the reason. For the past few years I have been seeing the number 53, I’m 54 on July 27th, it’s getting close…

A cpap.


And what I think about seeing the light, ha.

Up you

Of The…

Birds and bees, flowers and trees.
Why try to ruin all these.
The worlds a spin, too many sin.
Frost is thick out there…

Mad isn’t it, after so many years he feels the need to spew out some of that mind shit of facts.

Someone does a semen ‘burp’ in your face, another time they allow you to carry out Cunnilingus on them after they have had intercourse with another ‘man’ though in this case it was named Angela – in the phone.

He had boiling water thrown upon him, being kicked and punched into a kitchen corner, dropped he was seen, so pretended it was a game as she went out to the gym, meeting Angela.

He tried and just couldn’t get it.
Proper life back on track.
Smell and taste are are still shit.
But really, I needed life back.
It just hasn’t happened.

As it unfolded she mentioned the ‘snip’ so I thought it was meant for me, no – how silly, as I found out.

Fucking yak.

Every night the motions happen. Only recently broken legs were a serious thought, but it seems Angela died in 2014? Those legs should have been snapped well before and many times but, no.

Sean McElroy (Angela) was finally married three times, so much was found out, ‘Angela’ was a cunt and it is hoped all the pain possible happened during that death.

But it takes two…

And no, I never did do any kicking or punching to her, it was the other way round.

I’m an old 53 and very tired, 53 years of memories, mainly shit apart from two.

Think I’m bonkers? me too.

Acid thrown…

Ok I know, so many will now think I’m harping on way too much? But it’s my life memoirs of actual events.

My first job was in 1980 (Bradford Hauliers Group) on the then new Youth Opportunities Scheme (YTS), it was a three month training exercise on mainly heavier goods vehicles. Met some nice folks including someone called Charlie Watson and I think we got on great, he called me ‘geezer’ ha. I think we did meet for a night out at the Bradford ice skating building? How did I get in!

I had to change this blog title as I remember someone throwing battery acid on me. Taking overalls off really quick and laughing as obviously it was really funny, it felt abit wrong. I rode my Ellis Briggs Favori bike home.

Upon arriving home I noticed my clothing, certainly jeans (as I cycled to work in jeans and boots), my clothing was falling to bits. I got home and my jeans (Falmers) were shredded, I did get a telling off from my parents as obviously it was all my fault.

My memory, I can not remember who did this or indeed why?


Terry Walker

You bastard twat shoved something into my right ear at ‘little’ Woodend, about 1970. That ear caused me some problems for a long time, yet you, you fucker,  still caused me problems through-out my school years. Mind you, you did invite me to your birthday parties, mainly to push me into Rose bushes, to take the piss, to try throwing me in the deep-end of the then new Shipley swimming pool – I had that fear of water as you knew.

You lived near bottom of Carr Lane, Shipley.

Enough typed…


Happy anniversary Jacob!

At 9:20 pm 6th November 10 years ago Jacob Briggs became a teenager, how time travels jeez.

23 today.

Mr David Wiley…

Come on down as you are next! You employed me for my fourth job, time 1981 – 1983 and over two years (I will do a list of my jobs, if I remember them all!). Mr Wiley, how you put up with me maybe I shall never know but I loved my time at Wiley’s Cycles and Toys on James street Bradford. At the time I would say I was certainly unemployable, I now know why.

I think I know how and why I got that job.

A main memory is of when I went to the store building over the road, I built a block of box’s near the door and waited, it was dark, the door opened and my name was called, at that instant I pushed all the boxes over you, why? I was hoping someone else would come over and join me but, I didn’t know it was you!

Stepping round the box’s I saw you on the floor searching for your spectacles ‘Mr Wiley’ fuck me I shit myself – it’s the boss. I ran to the shop, got my jacket and left straight away, unsure if I had cycled there that day? I rushed down to the “640” bus stop, it arrived, a best friend of my young years Adrian Crabtree was on the top deck, I sat next to him and burst into a laughter of tears, I couldn’t stop crying with hysterical funniness.

By the time we got off at the same stop I had managed to tell him what had happened, he couldn’t stop laughing with me. Next day, I went to work – again not sure if I was on my bike or not? I went after certainly not wanting to go, but I dare not tell my parents as to what had happened. I remember going into your office and ‘Mr Wiley I’m, ‘it’s ok Stuart, it’s fine’ thank you Mr Wiley’ and that was that.

You were brilliant but for the next bit, over those two years I got hold of and stole alot of cycling equipment from the shop, alot. I did end up with a great ‘best’ bike and a decent winter bike. Sorry.

Ann (Whyatt?) was also great, was her husband the Bradford City groundsman? Must admit, as well as your daughters I also fancied her, erm, anyway.

A huge thank you to you Sir, you were a great friendly employer. I did see you on the train in Ilkley a while ago but dithered to say hello so sat behind you and your wife.

All I could find is here Wileys Cycles and Toys.


No names mentioned 1.

For quite some time someone really pissed me off and at times was also a twat to me. Anyway, this can be kept really short. I actually feel guilt with this one…

I told his girlfriend that if she split with him then I will be her boyfriend, she split them both big time and I turned her down.

Next, erm, this particularity lad, I met his sister, things happened which contributed to her marriage problems and beyond.

Yes I was a cunt and pretty much did those two ‘events’ deliberately.

What goes around comes around happened to those involved including me.

Obviously it was not as simple as that, but it happened.

Let it be cleared Up

1982, probably May or June? A night out had happened with a few from the East Bradford Cycling Club in Bradford, we went for a curry, I think it was the Kashmir? Lets cut loads out…

It was noticed he had gone missing. I was the one who went to find out where he was as no one else either cared or seemed to be bothered, but I liked him and cared – as I always have for many folks, too much in many situations. I ventured outside and noticed some folks were around him against a wall. I rushed back in and told the others that he ‘is in a spot of bother’ but, I got a look, a very blank look from all and was advised to leave it.

Hmmm, I went back outside to witness those folks put something in his mouth before starting to kick him. Let me be clear, at this point I am very unsure what happened, I have no memory of it but the next memory I have is of him attacking me, by then the cyclist’ were outside and stopped that grapple. What do I say? I was told to leave it? I was from Windhill. At only 17 I’d never left anyone in trouble, on the contrary folks use to leave me in the shit, hang on, those in the curry ‘shop’ did leave me and even worse leave him in the shit.


Tour de France 1982 and the issue was brought up, kind of upset me and again it was mentioned to drop it, you weren’t there, it still bothered me as many on that Bradford night out were there. On my 18th birthday in Italy I kicked and punched some of those who told me to leave you, that was at Como, proper shame as after that second holiday to visit the Tour de France and then onto Italy (first was in 1981), I decided to leave the East Bradford Cycling Club.

Later I joined the Royal Air Force, only for a short time. Upon leaving the RAF I re-joined the EBCC, saw you only once at a dinner (1991 or 92 or 93?) of which you blanked me and my ex wife, I was trying to be nice. It was the same dinner I opened a bottle of champagne and it hit (I cant remember the chaps name) but it hit an older fella on his forehead after bouncing off a ceiling or wall? On my right Dave Rayner was sitting next to me, boy was that an enjoyable funny night, a good night that you didn’t recognise I was trying to apologise to – although I had no need.

You see, so many cyclist’ seemed to go transparent at times of trouble…

All mentioned here are indeed facts.

Dave Mann wins (He also caused some problems with me but he now knows). Alan Stephenson there you are, from the right; Dave, Bernie, your younger brother (name?) you and I…


Which way should you vote?

I know, dammed tough one but it is my opinion. It’s a little like the two choices in the US of A, I’m not keen on both but Clinton appeared to be the most untrustworthy. So, June the 8th 2017 it is the UK’s time.

Being a Labour supporter I find myself at a cringing decision, I wont vote Tory and most certainly non of the others (but the Yorkshire Party sounds interesting?!). What is my problem? Well I certainly do not like many of the Labour leadership, especially Jeremy Corbyn and that Diane Abbott. He just doesn’t have that presence, the persona that is seriously needed to lead a party, especially in government and she is just dreadful as a leading (astounding isn’t it!) MP.

So how best to explain my vote for Labour in the general election on June the 8th 2017. I love Bradford City but do not agree with everything they do, I like Team Sky and certainly do not agree with everything they do, I’m a Labour supporter yet I’m really struggling with the leadership lot – they do make me cringe to vote for them.

The old left, middle and right are out of date, it needs some kind of organisation that will take everything on board, I’ve not called it a party but I believe a new one is on the horizon that just might represent me…

It must be realised that folks who want everything their own way are teetering on fascism and it seems like many of the Labour supporters are on this trip and do not seem to realise it? Challenge them and expect a slating coming your way.

Do not be a fascist of any type.

Times of a Lucky Great Escape!

Well, as I get older, I seem to be remembering accidents and near misses I have encountered through life. In no order at all I will be adding to the following list as and when I remember to?

Once, on the way to Saltaire medical centre I was at the pedestrian zebra crossing, a car stopped but I decided to wait, as I decided to wait an articulated lorry rammed the car, which in turn went at great speed over the crossing, just where I would have been. The driver had not used the handbrake as you are supposed to at these crossings.

My first ever bicycle race was with the East Bradford Cycling Club. In 1978 this was an evening ’10’ starting near Pool, and heading towards Harrogate – a very busy road. it was the days when time trails could turn in the road. When I reach the marshal – Jim, I turned thinking he meant that the road was clear with his arm out. Vehicles just missed me, Jim – rightfully, later on gave me a massive bollocking, but I didn’t know it was my responsibility to check the road was clear.

1984, and coming home on leave, my RAF colleague David? was driving his three wheeler Reliant Robin on the motorway, I nodded off, when my head jolted up, Dave’s head had just slumped to the driving wheel! I mad sure he woke and I most certainly didn’t fall asleep when ever he again gave me a lift from RAF Lyneham.

In the mid 1970’s my Hornby trainset was on a board. Now, I’m trying to remember, I once plugged the transformer in, and the train shot off the tracks, I checked the old transformer and it was turned off, so again I put the train on the tracks, and it blasted off the board, so, I unplugged the transformer. As I’ve got much older I’ve realised the full 240 volts had made it onto the track, the old transformer was faulty. The house fuse box didn’t ‘blow’ as I think thick fuse wire was used on all in the box, so no fuses would blow. Massively dangerous, if I touched the track would it have blown me across the room? I’m not sure what I did after that.

My worse experience has started bothering me quite alot. When aged about 10 years old my dad took me into his place of work Dockmill Scouring, it was a Sunday. I found one of those curved double spiked gadgets that are used to manually pull bales of wool with. So, I thought it was wrongly bent and decided to try and straighten it in the wool drainage? rollers. Sure enough they pulled the gadget through, and then my fingers started to get dragged in. Fortunately my dad was nearby and pressed the stop button, otherwise that would have been my life ending, urrggghhhh, this is a really difficult memory. My fingers still show some damage, especially when the sarcoidosis kicks in. Jeez.