Which way should you vote?

I know, dammed tough one but it is my opinion. It’s a little like the two choices in the US of A, I’m not keen on both but Clinton appeared to be the most untrustworthy. So, June the 8th 2017 it is the UK’s time.

Being a Labour supporter I find myself at a cringing decision, I wont vote Tory and most certainly non of the others (but the Yorkshire Party sounds interesting?!). What is my problem? Well I certainly do not like many of the Labour leadership, especially Jeremy Corbyn and that Diane Abbott. He just doesn’t have that presence, the persona that is seriously needed to lead a party, especially in government and she is just dreadful as a leading (astounding isn’t it!) MP.

So how best to explain my vote for Labour in the general election on June the 8th 2017. I love Bradford City but do not agree with everything they do, I like Team Sky and certainly do not agree with everything they do, I’m a Labour supporter yet I’m really struggling with the leadership lot – they do make me cringe to vote for them.

The old left, middle and right are out of date, it needs some kind of organisation that will take everything on board, I’ve not called it a party but I believe a new one is on the horizon that just might represent me…

It must be realised that folks who want everything their own way are teetering on fascism and it seems like many of the Labour supporters are on this trip and do not seem to realise it? Challenge them and expect a slating coming your way.

Do not be a fascist of any type.

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